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Double up

The European Central Bank has just announced that it will almost double its ’subscribed capital’ over the next three years, from €5.76 billion to €10.76 billion. ‘Subscribed capital’ is the amount that countries pay into the ECB when they become fu…

Sun Tzu said: Therefore, in your deliberations, when seeking to determine the military conditions, let them be made the basis of a comparison, in this wise: 1. Which of the two sovereigns is imbued with the Moral law? 2. Which of the two generals has most ability? 3. With whom lie the advantages derived from… » read more

Germany having a central position in Europe, at least for four reasons, geography, economy, population and heritage of World War II, its foreign policy is a matter of importance for all its neighbours. Today this post will be fed by the speech that Mr Westerwelle, German Minister of Foreign Affairs, pronounced on 21. October 2010… » read more

Since the very beginning of operations in Afghanistan, exactly 2002 for the German Police Project, Germany has been training the Afghan Police as a contribution to the reconstruction of the state of law. However, times are becoming harder for the German Police. Die Zeit, the German weekly newspaper of reference, has published on 5th September… » read more

Europe is much larger than the USA. Is this that stupid? From the pure perspective of surface and number of square kilometres, of course, it is completely stupid and I should be banned from the Net forever. However, from a cultural and historical perspective, I think that Europe is much larger than the USA. […]

In the former times I had heard about the European Air Transport Command (EATC), supposed to put under one single operational authority the military transport fleets of Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Then nothing happened. But, some days ago, going through the blogs I usually visit, a post, showing an Airbus A400-M flying over… » read more

In the 90’s, along with German reunification and the upheaval of Eastern Europe map, France, Germany and Poland set up an informal forum, named the Triangle of Weimar. This forum stills exists, even if more or less on decline, and covers many fields of tri-lateral cooperation, including defence. Initially, this cooperation could have become to… » read more

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies, along with the French IRIS, issued in July a report dedicated to “Security and Stability in Africa in the twenty-first century“, written by Richard Downie. This report is really worth being read because of the accurate and updated view on Africa it conveys. I particularly enjoyed […]

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