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At European Business Summit 2009, Dr Ian Moore spoke to us about sustainability and the EU economy. He also discusses the REACH programme in some depth. Dr Moore is President and CEO of Momentive Performance Materials, an organisation involved in the silicones industry. If you would like to make your voice heard in this discussion,… » read more

The following has been prepared by Frederic Simon, Editor of EurActiv.com and Moderator of Workshop XIV at EBS 2009. The workshop is titled, Climate change: the road to Copenhagen. As anticipated, European leaders meeting for a two-day summit last week postponed until June a decision on the EU’s position for global climate talks, which are… » read more

The 2008 European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) published today shows the EU is making progress in its innovation performance preceding the financial crisis. In parallel to the EIS, the 2008 Science, Technology and Competitiveness report also published today provides for the first time an overview of progress from 2000 to 2006 in both EU R&D investment… » read more

Selon plusieurs sondageset micro-trottoirsréalisés ces derniers mois auprès des citoyens européens, ces derniers expriment leur volonté de voir en leur futurs députés européens des femmes et des hommes connus à la fois pour leur implication dans la chose européenne et leur ancrage dans une ville ou une région. […]  

“Global Wind Energy Market Trends and Future Forecasts” ( http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Global-Wind-Energy-Market-Trends-and-Future-Forecasts.html ) report analyses the global wind industry. This report provides an extensive research on the growing wind industry at global as well as country level (28 countries have been covered in this report). Detailed data analysis will help potential investor to know the current market… » read more

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso urges heads of state and government not to lose sight of their promises regarding climate change while media is primarily focusing on the economic crisis. While Poland fears heavy costs created by the emissions reductions and Germany as well as Italy are concerned about their competitiveness of their industry,… » read more

Climate negotiators in Poznan are starting to question whether the 2009 deadline for Copenhagen is realistic. Maybe there are good reasons to take a step back and reconsider the global climate diplomacy process. This week, a few non-suspect climate experts have uttered doubts about the end-2009 deadline for a new global warming agreement. As reported… » read more

In the US, twenty-nine of the biggest NGOs published a 391-pages policy document with recommendations for the new Obama administration on how to start the transition to a green and clean economy. The impressive report includes detailed proposals on how to endorse legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35% before 2020 and and 80%… » read more

Last week, two interesting surveys confirmed that citizens are worried about climate change but once they start acting as consumers others have to shoulder the bill. Especially young people are not willing to make lifestyle sacrifices. On Thursday 11 September, EU Commissioners Wallström and Dimas excelled in spinning the latest Eurobarometer on climate change. Although… » read more

Last week saw two very interesting stories: The Australian government of Kevin Rudd presented its Green Paper on a possible greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme. Australia wants to have its “Carbon Pollution Reduction scheme” (a better name than the EU’s ETS)  started by 2010. It will cover around 1000 companies in the energy sector, transport… » read more

The so-called “leaders” of the eight biggest economies have done it again: glorious declarations with little substance in a diplomatic language which allows all of them to spin their “global” commitment and responsibility. Not only were there no concrete mid-term targets set but the 50% reduction promise has no binding character, lacks any base reference… » read more

As G-8 leaders start their 3-day talking circus on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, four new reports confirm that our race towards economic and ecological collapse continues at an increasing speed: The Australian government published its long-awaited Garnaut report (over 500 pages), sort of a Stern report for the country down under. Economist Garnaut’s (not… » read more

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