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Greek taxing madness

Today’s gloomy revelations from Ireland were followed by rather disturbing news from the Greek parliament.As part of a long-standing tradition to let tax evaders off the hook every three to four years, Greece’s parliament has rushed through a law whi…

The cost of living

An interesting article on Spanish website Citzalia.It looks at recent Eurostat data, which shows that, since the euro came into force, Spain and Greece have seen the highest increases in the cost of living throughout the EU. In comparison to the rest o…

It has escaped me, frankly, why Angela Merkel has been portrayed as a bad European as of late. Perhaps because she didn’t immediately cave in to calls for a Greek bail-out? Or is it because she didn’t want to follow Europe’s lagging economies by replicating their model of exporting less (because of lack of demand… » read more

The following story about German consent for helping Greece financially was published by EurActiv on 24th March 2010. Just ahead of an EU summit starting tomorrow (25 March), Germany signalled for the first time that it may accept European financial aid for Greece as a last resort, but only if the IMF is involved and… » read more

The EU is taking its time in deciding what real policy actions to implement regarding the crisis over Greek finances and the eurozone, but publics in Greece and elsewhere are not waiting to express their disenchantment with national and supranational elites.

Bang on the head

The EU’s finance ministers, and a handful of heads of state, are meeting today in another attempt to come up with answers to the ‘Greek question’. No details are expected to be announced, although an agreed decleration will give Greece a month to get d…

A Feeling of Deja vu

By now, the scenario employed against Greece, Portugal and Spain by New York-based international financial scoundrels is all too familiar to anyone who recalls the events of the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis. Then, as now, hedge funds targeted a country whose GDP was largely dependent on tourist dollars – Thailand – and had fiscal problems… » read more

‘Greek misery’, ‘Hellenic precipice’ or unwelcome comparisons with Dubai and Iceland, who both cannot repay their debts. Truly, the headlines about Greece since the start of the New Year could hardly be more telling. They are similar to a Greek tragedy. However, the final act has yet to be completed in Athens. The macro and… » read more

the economic protectorate

So it has happened that the European Commission – aided by new powers in the Lisbon Treaty (article 121) – has effectively taken control over the Greek economy, demanding pay freezes, tax hikes and reforms of labour markets and the country’s healthcare…

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