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One step before reaching an agreement (?) on Greece’s bailout program, the government dispatched today the revised proposal including the extension of the current loan agreement for the next six (6) months, while introducing a moratorium in the implementation of new austerity measures suggested by troika last November. Meanwhile, the ECB decided yesterday to extend… » read more

Ms. Areti Georgili is founder of the concept bookstore Free Thinking Zone, member of the Administrative Committee of Drassi, and founding member of the Hellenic Start-Up Association. We had the opportunity to discuss with her about the European Elections of 2014, Greek and European politics, the liberal ideology, policy-making and civic participation, as well as… » read more

The two major global powers have long accommodated their geopolitical interests in the international field. Actually they have never been enemies, but rather competitive to each other. Since the fall of communism, China was deeply infiltrated by a combined statism and capitalism, whereas the USA was eagerly turned to be the dominating soft power, that… » read more

By Savvas Poulos To: Chairman of the European Council, Mr. Herman Van Rompuy Chairman of the European Committee, Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso Chairman of the European Parliament, Mr. Martin Schulz Athens, March 19th, 2013 Honorable Gentlemen, The befalling privatization of the Greek Public Gas Corporation (DEPA) reveals the deadlock into which the EuropeanUnion is heading… » read more

Image credit: Skai.gr After nine days of negotiations the Greek parties that were elected in the last parliament failed to form a government. National elections will take place again in mid-June. Given the overall situation, political instability only exacerbates the already chilling effects of the economic depression. The formation of a government –any government– is… » read more

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