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Environmental impact of the PV life-cycle   All means of electricity generation, including photovoltaic (PV) systems, create polluting emissions when the entire life-cycle is taken into account. In the case of PV systems, those emissions are concentrated in the manufacturing stage. PV manufacturing is energy intensive, resulting in the emissions that accompany the […] Original… » read more

What’s the difference? In these times of climate change concern, individuals and organizations alike are eager for measurable criteria to compare the impact of products and services on global warming. The notions of ‘Life Cycle Assessment’, ‘Carbon Footprint’, and ‘Ecological Footprint’ often appear in the media, but their exact meaning and the differences between them… » read more

Based on a Discussion Webinar, Friday, 18 January 2008 How best to heat a house is a question that is often hotly debated. On one side, it is a purely personal choice affecting our daily life and personal comfort and productivity. But on the other side, given the enormous amount of heating energy the global… » read more

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