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Just before the Christmas break I purchased a beautiful flat screen television of exactly the same dimensions as one that I had bought four years previously. The price was something like 25% of what I had paid earlier and the picture much better. I also engaged in a renegotiation of my mobile phone contract and… » read more

The Limits of Psychiatry?

This post is a slight digression from the core themes of the blog but it does have some connection to medicine and science, or at least to how not to do it. I dislike reading in the media quotes from psychiatrists offering a quasi-diagnosis of living people whom they have never met. There was a… » read more

What is value in healthcare?

When one of the defining minds of business education in recent years turns his attention to healthcare then people would be wise to sit up and listen. Harvard Business School guru Michael Porter first entered the impenetrable world of health policy in 2006 in a book with colleague Elizabeth Teisberg entitled ‘Redefining health care: creating… » read more

A new report by the OECD makes sobering reading as it makes the point that continued expansion of spending in developed countries is unsustainable. Reading the reported highlights, a couple of statements jumped out at me. “Healthcare costs are escalating rapidly, driven by population aging, rising relative prices and costly developments in medical technology. Public… » read more

AstraZeneca on Transparency

Interesting report on FoxBusiness News ( I know, I know). The global pharmaceuticals industry must become more transparent if it is to rebuild public trust in the sector, AstraZeneca PLC’s chief executive said Wednesday. David Brennan told a gathering of drug sector leaders that industry stockholders need to collaborate to collectively address the world’s healthcare… » read more

Fondation EurActiv organised for Tuesday 9 November a lunchtime Stakeholder Workshop on governance of health technology assessment bodies (HTAs). The workshop was organised with the support of Novartis and EuropaBio. Programme Will the creation of a network of HTA bodies contribute to harmonising different healthcare cultures across borders? How will this impact access to medicines… » read more

The 7th European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network conference took place in Brussels at the end of September and featured high level speakers and experts. The event proved to be an ideal platform for discussing a number of topics of relevance to all the stakeholders in the healthcare system. The “Conflicts of Interest” session was… » read more

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