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The columnist, Gwynne Dyer, has drawn my attention to an article, written by Colonel Sergei Kovalev, Director of the scientific research department at the Institute of Military History. It is entitled “Fictions and Falsifications in Evaluating the USSR’s Role On the Eve of the Second World War.” Kovalev asserts that the Poles, not the Germans,… » read more

“…Terre d’immigration, la France souffre d’une profonde crise identitaire, subissant plus qu’elle ne les assimile ses diversités ethniques, culturelles et religieuses. Les migrants originaires de ses ex-colonies, même quand ils sont français, sont victimes, de par leur couleur de peau non blanche, de discriminations dans l’attribution d’emploi et de logement, entraînant leur précarisation et leur… » read more

Amid fierce competition with foreign hypermarkets during the economic slowdown, a local Samchuk Market in Supanburi province stands out with thousands of tourists coming every day. What is the secret behind its success? Thai News Agency has this report. ‘Samchuk Market’ or ‘Hundred-year-old Market’ is exactly as the name suggests: the atmosphere makes visitors feel… » read more

The design characteristics of Chinese Buddhist temples traditionally stress peace, tranquility, and nirvana. The architectural styles employed therefore often tend to be quite plain, giving visitors a feeling of serenity. However, Phra Kanajanjin Dhamma Punya Jariyaporn, vice patriarch of the Leng Nua Yee Buddhist sect in Bangkok’s Chinatown district of Yaowarat, says that since Wat… » read more

Greek opposition to NATO extending to Macedonia (sorry, FYROM) draws, like Serbia’s stance on Kosovo, on the historical mythmaking of communities that claim to have suffered the indignity of occupation by the Ottomans (an experience often portrayed in that part of the world as much worse than it really was). The Greek attitude fully exploits… » read more

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