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From our latest blog, AEGEE On the morning of Monday, September 24th, AEGEE-Europe, through its president Luis Alvarado Martínez, participated in a flashmob-like protest denouncing the violation of freedom of speech and youth rights in Russia, during the opening ceremony of the 9th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth, in Saint Petersburg.

Schuman’s report on the Holocaust may not have been the only one to be brought to the attention of the Allies in August 1942. At least one other independent testimony of the systematic extermination of Jews arrived at that time. Professor Howard M Sachar wrote: ‘The first reliable information of the ‘”Final Solution” evidently […]

After Robert Schuman’s warning of the Nazi destruction of the Jews, Why did those who were warned not act? August 1942 “The Jews are being systematically destroyed. There are no more Jews in the Ukraine. Men, women and children have been separated and taken. Men and women have been transported to concentration camps. Often they… » read more

Many countries in Europe have dark and bright moments in history. Dark periods are marked by either tyranny, totalitarism or wars, while bright periods usually refer to revolutions, ideas of progress and prosperity, anti-war movements and prominent people who organized it. In recent European history, almost all Eastern countries experienced shifts of political systems and… » read more

Toulouse Film Festival

As fewer legal professionals nowadays still take an interest in defending human rights, the city of Toulouse stands out as a shining example to the contrary. The well-known organisations such as Avocats sans frontieres, Cimade, the Institut d’Etudes Politiques and others organise regular events bringing human rights to the top of the political and civic… » read more

Wilders is NOT about Islam. Any foreign intrusion would have done. He is about xenophobia and hate-mongering.In the first part of this series, we talked about the transnational effects of the Dutch Wilders hysteria against Muslims. And how it is exploi…

Ritual slaughter, normal in Jewish and Muslim traditions, is attacked at right-wing pro-Wilders manifestation in Amsterdam, Jan. 20, 2010. In the USA, loonies like Mr. Geert Wilders, just appear in the shape of hysteric bloggers, or television pri…

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