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I started, but did not really complete a series after the Schengen zone accession of the two countries to show municipalities and local communities that want to revert history and erect local borders where the state borders become invisible. Now that monuments will remind us to the invisible borders I think I will start again,… » read more

Douglas Muir calls Stratfor’s article on the new Hungarian citizenship law – republished on Serbia’s B92 – as the dumbest Stratfor article ever. Certainly not a very intelligent analysis, however, the Muir post on afoe is confusing because it has so little reference to the actual bill or the political context. Hungary’s Schengen-proof passports will… » read more

Probably the most advanced center in Central Europe’s automotive hub, the Audi motor factory gave ground to the 5th annual race of zero emission electric, hydrogen- and fuel cell driven cars, go-karts and motorbikes.The rules follow the original rules of the Grand Prix of the infant automotive industry a hundred years ago. The aim is… » read more

The Hungarian European and general election campaign has dramatically changed the country’s political landscape. Five images: Viktor Orbán announcing his victory; the Socialist Party buried under corruption charges; Jobbik, the new anti-establishment party; Green Party leaders seconds after learning that they first met the parliamentary threshold and MDF loosing its appeal on rational moderate voters.

Hungarian Elections 2010

The Hungarian elections in 2010 have completely changed the political landscape of the country and may result in thorough constitutional changes. The Hungarian party system, which had been the most stable since 1989 in Central Europe has changed dramatically with the entry of to new parties and the exit of two new ones. The anti-establishment… » read more

Condolences for Poland

Condolences for Poland Originally uploaded by antaldaniel Citizens of Budapest mourn the tragedy of the Polish state leaders on the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre. H.E. László Sólyom, the Hungarian president, and friend of the Polish president has asked citizens to light candles in front of the Foreign Ministry of Hungary. The statue of… » read more

The V4+ Energy Summit held in Budapest on 24-26 February ended in a joint declaration signed by the V4 plus Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, and the perspective member state Croatia (along with Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina). If these countries show such unity as they had in the March 2009 economic crisis summit, it can put a… » read more

Yesterday (5 december 2009), about five hundred persons met near Hungarian Parliament to remember failed referendum held on 5 december 2004 on dual citizenship. This meeting counted on the participation of MVSZ (Magyarok Világszövetség – World Federation of Hungarians) and Jobbik (Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom – Movement for a Better Hungary), politician party which has obtained… » read more

About a thousand supporters of the far-right Jobbik party have participated in a peaceful march on the 90th anniversary of Horthy’s takeover in Hungary. Hungary has no real historical anti-Nazi and anti-Communist hero. That gives a little credit to the old man who had successfully beaten a Soviet uprising 90 years ago. However, it would… » read more

Now that Poland and the Czech Republic had their turns in bringing Central European surrealism into the EU, it is Hungary’s turn with naming the oddest Commissioner-in-waiting. Mr Andor’s my prove to become a surprising talent but his past makes him the least likely member of Europe’s (kind of)government, the European Commission.I still hope that… » read more

In Slovakia, during the recent months, we have been witnessing some anti-Hungarian mood. The most actual have been public introduction of St. Stephan – The King’s Statue in south-Slovakian city Komarno. Just for information, Komarno is one among a few Slovakian-Hungarian settlements, divided by the state border. Slovakian “Komarno” and Hungarian “Komarom” are situated on… » read more

Hungary has joined the EU in 2004 after a referendum with overwhelming support. Five years on, accession would get a 74:26 majority a referendum if it was asked again

If Mr Habsburg joins ECRG, it will add another explosive dimension to the Cameron-Kaczynski-Klaus trio’s strange group. Mr Habsburg’s father, Otto von Habsburg had been a Bavarian Christian Socialist MEP between 1979 and 1999, and also the last heir of the Austrian, Czech, Croat and Hungarian thrones (At those times, the last one entitled them… » read more

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