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This story about EU accession for Icleand was published by EurActiv on 25th February 2010. Iceland yesterday (24 February) took an important step towards EU accession, as the European Commission officially recommended opening membership talks with the island country. As expected, Czech Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle said Iceland had been given the green light by… » read more

Thanks to the Euro, members of the Euro-zone have been able to weather the international financial crisis much better than those outside the euro-zone. Hungary and UK, not to mention Iceland, have seen their currencies coming under pressure for devaluation, as they lacked the solidity and solidarity of the single currency. It is therefore […]… » read more

Geir Haarde, the Icelandic Prime Minister has constituted a commission to examine the possibilities for EU membership. His Independence Party will consult on membership as soon as January 2009. This development comes in the wake of the collapse of the Icelandic banking system, which has profoundly shaken the country. A formal request for membership would… » read more

The financial and money markets have closed with a huge plus today after news came out that the IMF has reached a broad agreement with the Hungarian government. The scheme will involve the EU and possibly some EU member states, too. “A substantial financing package in support of these strong policies will be announced when… » read more

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