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Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is known for his spontaneous and unpredictable character. In several occasions, he has behaved in ways which have surprised even his closest advisors. The recent “Davos crisis” with Israel is the prime example of this. On 23 May, Erdogan relapsed. He succeeded in stirring domestic and international attention with… » read more

People from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Serbia will bring their different identities (culture, political situation, economy) but the same message: together in an European dimension…at the Y Vote workshop on EU Enlargement that will be held in Trieste from the 12th March to the 15th March 2009. THE POINTS OF THE WORKSHOP: -The European… » read more

European Union is build and continues to progress based on shared values and interests of all member states toward a common vision. No doubt it is a success story of its own. It is very important that countries with different cultures and interests stick together and discuss their common future. Member countries use the diversity… » read more

comme projets européens, je pense que l’on pourrait proposer un timbre européen et une carte d’identité européenne! This post was submitted by Yannick PICHARD. Original post by Yannick PICHARD

The EU and its member countries should condemn Totalitarian Nazi and Communist regimes. All victims deserve memory in the European history. For one half of Europe, the end of Second World War was the beginning of new terror and killing. This post was submitted by Andris Gobins. Original post by Blogactiv feed

European stereotypes

I am almost 100 % sure that everyone of us has some stereotypes. Is it bad??? It’s difficult to say. We talk about Europe, its standards, values, etc. – so why can’t we discuss such a thing as European stereotypes? Are there any stereotypes concerning Europeans (as a nationality or may be a breed xD)?… » read more

Re-establish the symbols of the EU which were included in Art. I-8 European Constitution Draft Treaty (Rome II) and subsequently omitted in the Lisbon Treaty. We cannot simply assume that these symbols will be used in some, and perhaps even all, Member States. The political and legal character of the EU must be made visible… » read more

Art. 9 TEU, in its last paragraph, undervalues the concept of EU citizenship because it states that EU citizenship “is added” to a national citizenship. However, EU citizenship is in reality “complementary” (former art. 17.1 TEC). EU citizenship is an important concept and, once established, cannot be separated from National citizenship. Although this proposal […]… » read more

A Soul for Europe!

The European Community began as an economic community whose cause was, all the same, common values, the European cultural community and historical experiences; yet it also involved all the infringements of those common values. Outwardly, the EU is characterised as an economic and regulation community; it has lost the breath it had at the outset.… » read more


One of the reasons for the current European malaise is a total absence of a truly federative structure capable to federate young Europeans in a common goal. Personally, I am developing in France the EUROCLIPPERS project which intends to develop navigation in crew for youngsters on board tall ships, along Europe’s coasts, ocean voyages, and… » read more

To go beyond the Erasmus programm and to offer ALL young people the opportunity to spend a few months of their life in another EU country, working and exchanging with other young people all around Europe. The young people should be working for non profit organisations or public organisations. The actions could deal with culture,… » read more

Making 9 May, the anniversary of the Schuman declaration, a common public holiday across the EU would be a small but significative step forward to build our European identity. Celebrating together the 9th of May would help everybody remember what we have achieved over 50 years of European integration. It would also be a great… » read more

A European Passport

Every country has slightly different ideas on citizenship and naturalisation. Some have jus sanguinis, others jus soli. Some have short periods required for naturalisation, others longer, some don’t easily allow naturalisation at all. This means that within the supranational space of the EU, there is one rule for some and other rules for the rest… » read more

New EU-TV- Channel

One reason, why EU citizens haven´t developed a common society and collective memory is the dominant position of national media. The need for a single media source available for all citizens at the same time would enhance an EU wide common knowledge. Therefore, the creation of an EU TV channel seems overdue. Daily news, and… » read more

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