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Reproduced below is the review in The Economist of 4 February 2010 of my BICCS colleague’s new book: China and India: Prospects for Peace. (Columbia University Press; 234 pages; $37.50 and £26. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk) FOR a book about two countries whose most recent war was five decades ago, “Prospects for Peace” seems a… » read more

This story about the Kyoto Protocol was published by EurActiv on 9th February 2010. The Kyoto Protocol represents an international commitment to fulfil developed countries’ historical responsibility for climate change and its elaborate compliance mechanism is difficult to replicate, the Indian ambassador to the EU, Dr. J. Bhagwati, told EurActiv in an interview. India, which… » read more

I’ve been struggling since Barack Obama entered the White House over what my attitude towards NATO’s involvement in Afghanistan should be. One side of me does not believe we can achieve even limited goals; the other side says that we Europeans should support the new president. The principal objective of the Obama policy is to… » read more

Court matters year to date

Date Court Code Description 6 Nov Justice C-413/06 P Sony, Japan 6 Nov Justice C-403/05 Philippines 4 Oct Justice C-349/06 Turkey 27 Sep Justice C-351/04 India, Pakistan 20 Sep Justice C-16/05 Turkey 17 Sept First Instance T-201/04 Microsoft, US 18 Jly Justice C-325/05 Turkey 18 Jly Justice C-294/06 Turkey 11 Jly First Instance T-47/03 Foreign… » read more

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