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In order to be innovative, one has to invest in Research and Development. This area is what keeps European engineering companies ahead of their competitors. Europe therefore needs to be a ‘welcome’ place to invest. Orgalime will be present (together with their Belgian member, Agoria) at the European Industrial Technologies conference being held at Tour… » read more

Orgalime believe in the key role that manufacturing industry plays as a driver of Europe’s economy, both through the direct jobs that companies provide and indirectly throughout their supply chains, including not least the services industry. Our manifesto, ‘Maufacturing Matters’ serves not only the European Institutions but anyone who believes that industry counts. In […]

Mr. Giuliano Monizza (ABB) will speak on behalf of T&D Europe and Orgalime at the Renewable Energy Finance & Infrastructure Summit to be held on 28 and 29 January in Vienna, Austria. Following his presentation at the Electra conference in Ljubljana on 15/10/2009, Mr. Monizza will elaborate on how to deliver energy efficiency in […]

The European Parliament voted in its first reading the 10th of March 2009 on the Industrial Emission Directive – recast of the current IPPC directive. This proposal aims at regulating emissions and pollutants in the EU through the use of permits granting to single operators. Although we share and understand the environmental objectives of such… » read more

Manufacturing industries and in particular, Europe’s electrical and electronic industries – have the potential not only to provide significant growth and employment in the EU, but it is they who will also provide solutions for today’s most pressing societal issues. These are some of the conclusion of the EU’s Competitiveness Council convening this week. “We… » read more

The Machinery Directive is the core European legislation regulating the mechanical engineering industry. It provides the regulatory basis for the harmonisation of the essential health and safety requirements for machinery at the level of the entire European Union. The existing Machinery Directive (98/37/EC) will remain applicable until the 29th December 2009. A revised Machinery Directive… » read more

Update of the Orgalime REACH guide Since its publication on Orgalime’s website in May 2007, the REACH guide has been downloaded some 4600 times. The guide will be updated again in 2009, with an additional guideline on the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) and the update of guidelines related to authorisation, restriction and article 33… » read more

Orgalime has just joined manufacturing crunch, a global online community for, and about manufacturers and manufacturing. The aim is to try to get some user-generated content from around the globe on issues like REACH, climate change, energy, health care, international tax, trade, immigration and workforce issues, among others………… Join the conversation too……….

ManuFuture, the European technology platform on future manufacturing technologies, last week decided to set up a new industry-led R&D association – “European Factories of the Future Research Association” (EFFRA) – that will engage into a public private partnership in the area of R&D with the European Commission. The European Technology Platform involves key stakeholders across… » read more

The news that Eurofer have withdrawn their anti-dumping complaint originally filed in December 2007 against imports of cold rolled stainless steel from China, Korea and Taiwan is welcome. It only makes sense. It is also not a surprise since the steel industry also withdrew their anti-dumping complaint against imports of hot-dip galvanised sheet from […] 

We welcome the Commission’s adoption yesterday of a European Economic Recovery Plan to support the real economy. Such a coordinated European approach does indeed provide an encouraging and positive signal for Europe’s manufacturing companies. For the engineering industry, in particular the proposal to focus more efforts on energy efficiency, on hi-tech infrastructures and on R&D… » read more

After several excellent years, with a strong expansion for European engineering, prospects for the coming year are somewhat bleak. Apart from the expected and usual cyclical slowdown that started in the last year, the recent global financial turbulence is beginning to have an impact on the demand of both capital goods and consumer durables manufactured… » read more

Sign up for the monthly e-alert from Orgalime, the European engineering industries association. This short summary keeps you in touch with the hot engineering topics affecting 130 000 companies in 24 European countries. It is intended to issue 10 per year, with breaks in the summer and Christmas. Go to: www.orgalime.org and register your interest.… » read more

The CNN World Report* has just highlighted just how relevant and timely the Electra report** ‘Twenty solutions for growth and investment to 2020 and beyond’ is to helping achieve the European Union’s climate change objectives. Authored by a mixed European Commission and industry group co-chaired by European Commission Vice President Günter Verheugen and former Orgalime… » read more

Without the technologies provided by the electrical manufacturing and electronics industries, Europe will not be able to reach its climate and energy targets. Therefore, keeping these industries on board and getting consumers both professional and private to take up energy efficient products is a must. The Electra report, drafted by an expert group including industry,… » read more

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