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The EU’s clinical trials directive has been a catastrophe but Brussels is keen to make amends “Arguably the most criticised piece of legislation” the EU has ever produced on medicines. That’s how the European Commission describes its own law on clinical trials, drafted a decade ago in an effort to streamline medical research in Europe.… » read more

From listening to speeches by Israel’s Chief Scientist Dr. Eli Opper and the Israeli Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor Binyamin Ben Eliezer, to test-driving electric cars produced by Israeli company Better Place, EUREKA delegates had an action-packed week this past October during the first NPC-HLG Meeting in Israel. The busy agenda certainly suited the… » read more

Luuk Borg, Director of the Brussels based EUREKA Secretariat, discusses the prospects for the coming year. Under the Israeli Presidency, EUREKA looks set for rapid progress, a number of developments with new potential member nations and more. Mr Borg was interviewed at the 2010 European Business Summit in Brussels.

Today – 25th June 2010 – Israel officially became Chair of the rotating presidency of the EUREKA Network. The handover from Germany took place in Berlin at the annual Ministers Conference. To accept the chair, Israeli Minister for Industry, Trade and Labour, Binjamin Ben Eliezer addressed the conference about his hopes for the coming year.… » read more

Vous disposez peut-être de la meilleure technologie du monde. Si elle ne répond à aucun besoin ou demande humaine, il est probable qu’elle reste à jamais une belle oeuvre… inutile… L’innovation ouverte permet aujourd’hui de réduire ce risque. Des plates-formes d’open innovation comme Innocentive, Hypios ou BetaVine, sont de plus en plus populaires, semble-t-il.

This first Norwegian-French-British 4-year project, labeled by EUROGIA+ and being funded by both Gassnova and French DGCIS cumulated more than 11 Million Euros. This is a major success which was all done within 9 months. If the Hurum site is found to be suitable, the project will go forward into its […]

MaxCaps Research Project has been launched as a project within the European Medea+ (a EUREKA cluster) research programme. The research project aims at developing methods to integrate capacitors on silicon chips, thereby cutting the number of discrete capacitors at present mounted on printed circuit boards (PCB) by nearly 30 per cent. Designers can, by integrating… » read more

<!–[if !mso]> <! st1:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } –> This year’s Eurostars Funding Agencies Conference took place on Thursday 1 October in Brussels. Over 55 participants representing many of the Eurostars participating countries, funding agencies and representatives from the European Commission were present. Future cooperation of funding agencies, synchronisation and further involvement at a regional level […]

Returning to the daily routine after a long, and hot, summer break is always characterised by mixed feelings. Part wishes the languorous morning routines to carry on whilst other forces bring a refreshed mind optimistic about the challenges ahead. This morning’s bright and early start in Brussels was illuminated by two articles in the Financial… » read more

Event report: ERRIN Briefing: Lisbon in Practice – Regional attractiveness for R&D investment, 8 July 2009, Brussels All the more recent growth theories are placing innovation at the heart of what drives creativity and growth in countries and regions. However, the available data shows that there is a huge amount of inertia, a fact that… » read more

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