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Governments obviously provide support to the riskier R&D phase of a company’s product development cycle, putting their trust in the private sector to provide further investment. One of the biggest challenges facing early-stage companies and even more mature enterprises, however, is how to best get their products and services to the market. At the same… » read more

A new report by the OECD makes sobering reading as it makes the point that continued expansion of spending in developed countries is unsustainable. Reading the reported highlights, a couple of statements jumped out at me. “Healthcare costs are escalating rapidly, driven by population aging, rising relative prices and costly developments in medical technology. Public… » read more

Paul-Joël Derian, group vice-president for research and development at Rhodia, is now the Chairman of the largest network for sustainable chemistry in Europe: SusChem. Derian, who succeeds Royal Society of Chemistry’s Rodney Townsend, has been a member of the SusChem board for several years and co-chaired the platform’s Materials Work Group. His appointment clearly marks… » read more

The chemical industry is determined to lead the future of innovation with other sectors through the innovation partnerships announced today by the European Commission on active and healthy ageing, smart cities and mobility, water efficiency and non-energy raw materials. The chemical industry welcomes the healthy ageing innovation partnership, as it plays a major product role… » read more

Join the EU Commission Open Day on Nanotechnologies, 27 October 2010 “The development of nanotechnologies in and from Europe for more societal benefits” is the topic of an open workshop organized by the EU Commission High Level Group on Key Enabling Technologies. In July 2010 three Commissioners – Vice President Tajani, Commissioner for Digital Agenda… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘European businesses crippled by late payments‘: Your article explains how late payment failures are substantially hurting SMEs, with the risk far more prevalent in South and East European Countries. As CEO of Solid Quality Mentors, a Spanish innovative small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), I welcome any measure which helps us reduce red tape… » read more

Probably the most advanced center in Central Europe’s automotive hub, the Audi motor factory gave ground to the 5th annual race of zero emission electric, hydrogen- and fuel cell driven cars, go-karts and motorbikes.The rules follow the original rules of the Grand Prix of the infant automotive industry a hundred years ago. The aim is… » read more

After years of sporadic online discussions, the formal founding forum of Bulgaria’s Pirate Party was held in Sofia on April 11 2009. Delegates from 20 Bulgarian towns adopted the articles of constitution and the party’s political programme, the party said in a statement on its website. Like other similar parties world-wide, the Bulgarian Pirate Party… » read more

On Thursday 27th March, Christian Weinberger spoke to EurActiv.com Publisher, Christophe Leclercq at EBS 2009. Mr Weinberger had just taken part in Workshop X at EBS 2009 – titled “SMEs: red tape or red carpet?“. Mr Weinberger works for the Enterprise and Industry Directorate General of the European Commission in Brussels as an Entrepreneurship and… » read more

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