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It has escaped me, frankly, why Angela Merkel has been portrayed as a bad European as of late. Perhaps because she didn’t immediately cave in to calls for a Greek bail-out? Or is it because she didn’t want to follow Europe’s lagging economies by replicating their model of exporting less (because of lack of demand… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Jobless migrant women want more e-skills‘: Your article highlights the significant challenges faced by job-seekers in an increasingly digitised economy, or the “i-conomy” as described by the new EU commissioner for research, innovation and science; Máire Geoghegan-Quinn. Many migrants who come to work in Europe find themselves in menial jobs that do not… » read more

The world is heading into troubled waters. Every feeling person senses it. Yet the Commission’s paper curiously called EUROPE 2020 A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth seems to be living in a world of its own. Its authors live in a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil world. They sense no dangers. It just wants to get… » read more

MGQ ♥ Tajani 4EVA

The Commissioners for Innovation and Industry have been saying the kindest of things about one another (through gritted teeth) Was it just me or were Commissioner Maire Geogeghan-Quinn and Antonio Tajani overdoing the mutual appreciation at their joint press conference on Wednesday? They each seemed at great pains to say how well they get on… » read more

Last week, the Lisbon Council hosted one of my favourite events ever, The 2010 Innovation Summit. It was what an event on innovation should be: open to new ideas, collaborative and, well, simply different. Intellectually, the discussions were underpinned by a new e-brief we launched at the occasion, entitled Wikinomics and the Era of Openness:… » read more

Sir, Many researchers across Europe are unhappy with the administrative burden of European research funding. The Framework Programme, as the biggest part of this funding, is far from easy to use despite many efforts at simplification. Many stakeholders, including the European Commission, are working on simplifying the participation rules. That’s certainly promising. However, what is… » read more

At her speech to the Lisbon Council’s 2010 Innovation Summit last week, the EU’s highly charismatic and enthusiastic Chief Innovation Officer, Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn laid out her vision of transforming Europe into an “I-conomy”, connecting and speeding up innovation all along the whole policy chain from research to retail, building a functional single market for… » read more

This story about Europe as an Innovation Union was published by EurActiv on 2nd March 2010. The EU’s new growth strategy, due to be rubber-stamped by the new Barroso Commission on Wednesday (3 March), includes a blueprint for transforming Europe into an ‘Innovation Union’ by 2020. A leaked draft of the ‘Europe 2020′ strategy ties… » read more

A troubling thought: are the pro-innovation policy wonks talking to the cost-containment pencil pushers? Doing the rounds of innovation conferences in Brussels, it’s clear that a huge section of the EU’s political and industry machinery is convinced we need to be more innovative. The logic will be familiar to most: we can’t compete with Asia’s… » read more

This week we had a kick-off meeting in Brussels for Ecolink+, an eco-innovation project supported by DG Enterprise under the umbrella of Europe INNOVA and the CIP programme. In this project ERRIN is partnering, among others, with Eurada, EBN and two expert consultancies in the area of innovation management and early stage investment, Meta-Group and… » read more

Joint Programming involves Member States engaging voluntarily in the definition, development and implementation of common strategic research agendas. It may involve strategic collaboration between existing national programmes or jointly planning and setting up entirely new ones. In both cases, it entails putting resources together, selecting or developing the most appropriate instrument(s), implementing, and collectively monitoring… » read more

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