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BioGenetics Capital’s decision to invest in the CRO appears to be a shrewd one especially considering the global CRO market is estimated to be at $10 billion (€8.4 billion) and growing at an annual rate of 14 to 16 per cent. BioGenetics Capital announced that it has closed a $5.5 million financing round with Contract… » read more

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the new Commissioner responsible for research, innovation and science, was not prominently mentioned in the media reports on the European Parliament hearings (except perhaps in her home country Ireland). However, she did leave a positive “can do” impression and did not face any difficulties in passing the European Parliament’s assessment of the Barroso… » read more

I apologise for my long absence from this blog. Recently I have, of course, followed the Commission hearings, at least for those of the new Commissioners that are most interesting from a regional research and innovation viewpoint. Clearly, this was a great moment for the European Parliament and for European democracy. One MEP quoted by… » read more

We know it as a platform where: website or other on-line source (any web site or media store like iTunes), media (e.g. MP3), local software or client (e.g. Media Player) and device (PC, Mac, Phone, Flash Drive, Netbook …) are not coupled with each other. Many competing companies are providing products or services for each… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘EU innovation ‘manifesto’ turns spotlight on funding and skills‘: The idea of expanding the ’scale and ambition’ of the European Union’s structural funds towards strengthening investment in research and knowledge is in itself excellent and necessary. However, one must be careful to make sure that the structural funds are invested directly in science… » read more

Ladies and gentlemen, a short time ago, Mr. Ivan Kocis joined our group on Facebook. Very openly, it is appropriate to call him „Mr. Innovation“. Let us provide some basic facts about his career background. This time, Mr. Ivan Kocis is the President and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Geothermal Anywhere Ltd. – the… » read more

MaxCaps Research Project has been launched as a project within the European Medea+ (a EUREKA cluster) research programme. The research project aims at developing methods to integrate capacitors on silicon chips, thereby cutting the number of discrete capacitors at present mounted on printed circuit boards (PCB) by nearly 30 per cent. Designers can, by integrating… » read more

Mountaineer full-chain pilot

While I prefer to focus on CCS demonstration plants, this full-chain pilot project at the Mountaineer power plant in West Virginia catches my attention, not least because two European companies Alstom and RWE are also involved.

I would like to share this inspiring and thought-provoking presentation with you. What’s it about? Prof Luc Soete, Director UNU-MERIT, Maastricht, Member DG Research Expert Group sees a new trend and challenge to technology and innovation policy: from the political obsession with technological competitiveness to a new global view in which access, diffusion and effective… » read more

Join the ERRIN Mind Forum

Dear friends of innovation. You are kindly invited to join our ERRIN Mind Forum on 18 November 2009 at VLEVA (Liaison Agency Flanders Europe), Kortenberglaan 71, B-1000 Brussels. Background to the event: Europe’s economy is slowly coming out of troubled waters and what some have described as ‘a perfect storm’. However, it will not be… » read more

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