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Sweden is home to the Karolinska Institute, one of the most effective bio-medical institutions in the EU. The worst thing the EU could do would be to copy Sweden; they are exemplary. What should be left behind at the end of December is a commitment by member states to unleash the creativity in their research… » read more

Innovation Days in Lisbon – from Euronews The Innovation Days Exhibition was held in Lisbon and presented around 500 new technology projects from 300 exhibitors, the vast majority of which were Portuguese. The event, organised by the Portuguese Agency for Innovation, hosted around 40 Eureka projects. The exhibition also included debates and round tables. According… » read more

Innovation for Kids – from Euronews At the Innovation Days exhibition in Lisbon, researchers demonstrated a little electric car designed for disabled children. It is equipped with sensors which detect obstacles and can be controlled by pushing a series of buttons or simply by eye or head movements only. New computer programme “Petit Mozart” makes… » read more

During the Eureka Innovation Days 2009 event in Lisbon, Blogactiv spoke to Denise Reigada. Denise works for FINEP, a part of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Brazil. We asked about their presence at the event and why innovation and Eureka are important to Brazil.

Orgalime kindly requests the support of European regulators for the following comments and way forward on the Commission’s proposal of 3.12.2008 for amending Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): 1. Producers of electrical and electronic equipment are committed to the objectives of the WEEE Directive: Producers have taken their responsibility seriously and… » read more

Last week, the Lisbon Council had the pleasure of welcoming Hal Varian, chief economist of Google and author of Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy. He delivered The 2009 Guglielmo Marconi Lecture – the Lisbon Council’s flagship event on innovation – on “Combinatorial Innovation.” His remarks were fascinating, and can now be… » read more

I got my crash-course in public procurement this week at a DG INFSO workshop on “Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)”. Now while this sound like a boring bureaucratic nightmare, it’s actually really exciting stuff, at least if you are interested in boosting research and innovation and making Europe the most competitive knowledge-based economy in the world, which… » read more

The inventor of the Web is now advising the UK government on public information delivery. Interestingly, this was positioned within “a statement on constitutional reform” – an apt indication of the impact which information delivery, when done properly, can have on governance. According to the Cabinet Office (11 June): Sir Tim Berners-Lee … will head… » read more

May Wrap-Up

Sorry for this being the latest wrap-up ever. May was a fun month for us. We rolled out a ton of new features: the ability to add YouTube videos and polls to comments, stats in your time zone, the VideoPress upgrade (with HD!), post by email, new stats charts, comment search, improved comment reply by… » read more

Innovation is a vital component of regional competitiveness and a key driver to help regions escape the current economic crisis. Innovative regions are also a key factor in attracting companies to locate in the EU. All the more reason for ERRIN, to explore new thinking on improving innovation processes and discuss how Open Innovation […]

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