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“A nuclear bomb in the hands of an Iranian President who denies the Holocaust, threatens Israel and denies Israel the right to exist is not acceptable. Not only Israel but the entire free world is threatened. This is why the free world is meeting this threat head on, if necessary with tough economic sanctions.” Those… » read more

On June 4, 2009, President Barrack Obama made a remarkable speech invoking all different kind of responses from all around the world. The President made quotations from the Quran, Bible and Torah, encouraging conciliation of civilisations. The Bush period brought strong anti-Americanism waves to the Middle East. It seems that Obama is very willing to… » read more

President Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo University on 4 June, rivals the brilliance of John F Kennedy’s Ich bin ein Berliner 1963 speech in Berlin. Shrewdly, the event was hosted by Cairo University, founded in 1908, al-Azhar University, founded in 975. I could not resist watching its entire 54 minutes. Of course, words alone are… » read more

Barack Obama goes home

Kuwait – Afghanistan – Iraq – Jordan – Israel – West Bank – Berlin – Paris – London, was the Barack Obama itinerary for the past week. The ‘celebrity tour’ element was a great success. However, the tour was part of his American electoral campaign, and the degree of its success will be seen in… » read more

Security First

That great Communitarian, Amitai Etzioni, compellingly argues that the first priority in foreign policy is to provide basic security, not to democratize (Security First, 2007, Yale University Press). He argues for a “muscular, moral foreign policy” for the United States. Security cannot, however, be mainly based on military forces, police and other methods […] Original… » read more

Understanding Islam

The great thing about Karen Armstrong’s ‘ISLAM: A Short History’ is that it is short (161 pages) and clearly written. The book is a must for those who need to understand more about Islam than they do – which means most of us. I’m a fan of the author, who converted me with […] Original… » read more

Anyone reading some of the thousands of words in the English media, in blogs and on the net and in text messages about his 7 February speech, may be forgiven in believing that the Dr Rowan Williams, head of the Church of England, is crazy. Did he not say that the introduction of certain parts… » read more

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