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Governments of Montenegro and Italy will launch an investment project worth EUR 720mn – an underwater electric transmission line. Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic visited Rome (February 6th 2010) and discussed with his Italian colleague Silvio Berlusconi about wide array of issues. Italian delegation headed by prime minister Berlusconi emphasized that Italy now becomes the no… » read more

Last week, Antonio Di Pietro, chairman of the Italia dei Valori party and member of the Chamber of Deputies, addressed to the International Community through an advertisement published on the International Herald Tribune. Di Pietro warned the International Community about the risk in Italy to plunge in a de facto dictatorship. The court of Milan,… » read more

Michal Lehuta has a very nice chart of a few selected EU member state’s long-term economic performance. Between 1997-2010 the gap between Central European and Western European GDP’s have diminished significantly. It looks that Slovenia will reach the EU average level at first, Slovakia and Estonia are the biggest relative winners. On the other side,… » read more

In the aftermath of the first oil crisis, 1975, the French President Giscard d`Estaing had the clever idea to invite the heads of government of what were then the major economic powers – USA, Japan, Germany, UK and Italy – to an informal fire chat at Rambouillet Castle to discuss about the global economic system.… » read more

Giancarlo Aquilanti, Head of the Nuclear Technology Area at ENEL, explains the state of the nuclear energy in Italy. [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/xG57PUo3lBI” width=”320″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Q: Italy has recently ended the turmoil on the construction of nuclear plants. Can you tell us briefly how this is evolving? And is the view of the Italian population… » read more

Franco Frattini, Italy’s new foreign minister has lost no time in changing his Schengen tune from that sung as Commissioner for Justice, Freedom & Security. The Italian government is planning to restrict the free movement of people within the Schengen zone by introducing a minimum income requirement if an EU citizen wants to stay […]… » read more

I never thought that I would be applauding the victory of Silvio Berlusconi. But then, I did not anticipate that there would be any cohesive and working majority in both houses. If Italy is going to escape from its current economic sloth, it needs a strong government that can introduce the necessary reforms and make… » read more

Playing in the streets

Working, eating, sleeping and working. Such is the lifestyle imposed on European young adults. Opting out is unacceptable, both financially and socially. People first need money to save time – then they need money to keep themselves amused during the time they have just saved. Numerous are those who have forgotten a time when they… » read more

Being self-employed without income is not always easy, but it does give a lot of freedom. Every morning when I wake up, I can choose the subject I want to talk and write about. That usually is an advantage but not today. I had saved the subject of immigration for Brindisi, inspired by old TV… » read more

Political activism

It`s 16 February: 4 degrees above zero, strong winds from the East and with white powder moving along horizontal lines in the air. Yes, it`s snowing in the very South of Italy! I am just as unpleasantly surprised as the locals are. Still, a small assembly of people on the main square of Grottaglie steadily… » read more

Italians are often laughed at for living with their parents until they reach the age of 30 or sometimes even higher. Unfortunately for them, it is not only their mother`s cooking that keeps them at home. Original post by Bruno

Staying in touch

After a short week of Malte, I am back in Italy. Today, I am finding out what I already knew: Italians are fond of talking. Whether in real life or over their mobile phone and in both cases, the conversation comes with the same gestures and facial expressions. When Italians are on the phone, it… » read more

Volcanic fireworks

Catania, IT (View on map)   Living next to a volcano sounds like a rather risky project. Inhabitants of Catania know all about it. They live on the lower slopes of Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. Etna is in constant state of eruption, but the last time its lava streams touched the… » read more

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