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According to a research presented yesterday by Isfol (Italian Institute for the Development of Worker Trainings), around 37% of people under the age of thirty living in Milan area would like to have a green job. Young people seems to be aware that this sector, more than others, can offer real opportunities for job placement… » read more

A question of trust

An interesting new poll from Politics Home of 1,200 voters has found that less than half of Labour voters expect the party to fulfill its manifesto pledges.50% of Labour voters think it is fairly, or very unlikely to fulfill its manifesto pledges, whic…

Sir, Regarding ‘Former MEP: UK far-right success ‘won’t last’‘: I was rather taken aback to see numerous references to ‘the UK’ having voted for the BNP in the interview with former Labour MEP, Richard Corbett. I think this is seriously misleading, as ‘the UK’ includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as England, and… » read more

Why They Fight

Greetings from high above the streets of Paris, where the biggest labor battle in a decade is taking place. As I strolled the streets last night you could feel the tension in the air. The strike had begun, across the country transport workers were walking off the job. At many of the nation’s universities, students… » read more

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