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Do the EU leaders really want strong external representation? The dispute over who should have represented the Union at the international talks on phasing out mercury in Stockholm on 7-11 June, puts this into doubt. The EU was unable to speak with a single voice, or even negotiate, at the First Session of the Intergovernmental… » read more

The Schuman Plan of 9 May 1950 heralded 60 years of peace, stability and prosperity. One death in Sarajevo in 1914 led to millions of deaths in Europe; thousands of deaths in Sarajevo in the 1990s did not for one moment affect the stability of western Europe. Much has changed during these 60 years in… » read more

This article about a proposed Erasmus for tourists scheme was published by EurActiv on 14th April 2010. EU ministers in charge of tourism will meet in Madrid tomorrow (15 April) to launch a programme aimed at encouraging tourists to take holidays all year round and maintaining tourism jobs off-season, according to a draft text obtained… » read more

At her speech to the Lisbon Council’s 2010 Innovation Summit last week, the EU’s highly charismatic and enthusiastic Chief Innovation Officer, Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn laid out her vision of transforming Europe into an “I-conomy”, connecting and speeding up innovation all along the whole policy chain from research to retail, building a functional single market for… » read more

We’ve heard a lot about banks that are “too big to fail”. Perhaps a more immediate question is whether the sovereign nation of Greece is too big to fail. The risk of default and the threat of Greece quitting the eurozone would have profound implications for Europe’s monetary union, for other European countries wrestling with… » read more

Better Times Ahead

Lisbon Treaty and a new EU hierarchy point to greater stability and a resurgent dynamism” by Stanley Crossick, published in the Beijing Review 24 December 2009. “The year 2009 was a difficult one for the European Union (EU). The European Parliament elections, held in June, are always disruptive. The results were disappointing with a low… » read more

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