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Registered Lobbyist

Sir, the discussion about an EU register for lobbyists in Brussels seems to shift to a rather technical issue currently, forgetting about the big picture. But lobbyists and institutions in Brussels should rather not lose the broad perspective and learn from Washington’s respective experiences – both the good and the bad ones: Being the centre… » read more

Western societies are largely driven from interest groups, constantly attempting to influence governments to legislate in their interest or prevent legislation susceptible of hurting their interests. It is the prerogative and duty of democratic governments to arbitrate between competing lobby interests and define the common interest of all citizens. In doing so, they should listen… » read more

Lobbying points in Europe

As ever more national legislation within Europe is aligned to laws created and set in Brussels lobbying in Europe assumes growing importance. But the question of where and who to lobby is critical. An August 2006 seminar in networking in Europe provided some useful pointers in where to start Networking in the European Union. The… » read more

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