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The United Kingdom is in economic and budgetary crisis. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have joined forces to provide a strong government, able to take the necessary unpleasant measures. David Cameron and Nick Clegg and their parties have admirably compromised to establish a much needed consensual political culture. There of course remain major differences. The… » read more

The British House of Commons all-party Foreign Affairs Committee has concluded that the phrase “the special relationship” no longer reflects the current Anglo-American relationship. The MPs believe the link to be “profound and valuable” but the British government needs to be “less deferential” towards the US and more willing to say no to Washington. The… » read more

A question of trust

An interesting new poll from Politics Home of 1,200 voters has found that less than half of Labour voters expect the party to fulfill its manifesto pledges.50% of Labour voters think it is fairly, or very unlikely to fulfill its manifesto pledges, whic…

At last a touch of balance in Britain’s Daily Telegraph over the nomination of Michel Barnier to the internal market portfolio, with responsibility for financial services! I guess it’s no coincidence that the writer, eurosceptic Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, was the newspaper’s correspondent in Brussels from 1999 until 2004 – the same time span as Barnier’s former… » read more

The op-ed in today’s Financial Times by David Milliband, the UK Foreign Secretary, convincingly argues that the Tories are stuck in the past over Europe. The outcome of the domestic political battle in the UK today will have major implications for Europe and indeed internationally. When and if David Cameron becomes prime Minister, the Lisbon… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Former MEP: UK far-right success ‘won’t last’‘: I was rather taken aback to see numerous references to ‘the UK’ having voted for the BNP in the interview with former Labour MEP, Richard Corbett. I think this is seriously misleading, as ‘the UK’ includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as England, and… » read more

This has been on various UKIP election leaflets, so it’s evidently a claim they’re proud of – but does it stand up? Simple maths tells us that Britain paying £40 million a day to the EU would mean an annual contribution of £14.6 billion. However, the most recent Treasury Report on the UK’s EU budget… » read more

The Conservatives will leave the EPP-ED group after the June elections. Joseph Daul, leader of the European People’s Party group was formally informed on Wednesday, in Strasbourg, by a Conservative delegation led by foreign affairs spokesman William Hague. The stated intention is to establish a new grouping in the European Parliament. There are currently 27… » read more

Still playing war games

The recent collision of the British and French nuclear submarines in the Atlantic Ocean has been widely reported and there has been considerable astonishment that it could happen. The fact that both boats were operating without their sonar systems was obviously a contributing factor. And it is understandable that the sonar systems cannot be used… » read more

This Reuters wire published yesterday is based on official country-by-country plant data available here. The document is compliled from reports submitted by EU member states to the European Commission according to the 2001 Large Combustion Plant Directive. A 1-page graphical summary of the data is here. Knowing in detail where and when highly polluting installations… » read more

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