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Jean De Ruyt, head of the Belgian permanent representation to the EU, has ruffled a few feathers in the European Parliament, marking a more exciting than usual start to his country’s turn at the helm of the EU’s rotating presidency. (They’re all exciti…

The German Constitutional Court judgment is likely to provoke parliaments in other Member States to seek ways of controlling their governments when acting in the EU Council. Were they all to choose the Danish model, the consequences for Council negotiations would be dramatic. There is a need anyway for national parliaments to buy in to… » read more

In the opening even of Think About It three blogging MEPs answered the questions of European bloggers. Richard Corbett (Socialist) said he does not allow for comments because another organized party would immediately fill it up. But all comments are welcome in e-mail. Christofer Fjellner (People’s Party) has a bilingual blog. Jules Maaten (Liberal Democrats)… » read more

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