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The biggest leak of confidential documents in the history of the Middle East conflict began on Sunday, 23th January 2011 by the Al-Jazeera website with Britain’s Guardian newspaper. A cache of thousands of pages of confidential Palestinian records covering more than a decade of negotiations with Israel and the US has been […]

Three lessons should be clear to Europe’s policy-makers from the WikiLeaks affair. War is coming in the Mid-East and it is mainly about religio-political ideologies among Islamic states. Sectarians of both the Shi’ite and Sunni persuasion, both arming with nuclear bombs, are also involved in extensive terrorist activities to destroy the West. Policy-leaders must decide… » read more

Whether or not Iran is going to build nuclear weapons remains uncertain, as does the time-span in which it could be achieved. This is still some years away as Israel has only recently confirmed. A breakdown in the current attempt at Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations could lead to conflagration: anything other than a two state solution… » read more

Israel has been widely condemned for its assault on a flotilla of humanitarian aid bound for Gaza. This was to be expected, but not some of the extreme statements coming from moderate countries. Even the EU response was biased. The EU condemned the use of violence and called for an independent enquiry. How could the… » read more

EU foreign policy supremo, Cathy Ashton, visited Gaza last Thursday During her visit, rockets were fired into Israel, killing a Thai worker. Israel retaliated with air strikes on Gaza. Yesterday, the Quartet, meeting in Moscow, condemned Israel’s recent announcement that 1 600 new housing units for Jews would be built in East Jerusalem. Next Thursday… » read more

“By May 1928 the basic principles of guerilla warfare…had already been evolved; that is, the sixteen-character formula: The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue.” (Mao Zedong, 1936). This post is inspired by the columnist Gwynne Dyer. “The ability to run away is… » read more

The way ahead with the dispute between Iran’s nuclear programme and the possible response of western powers is foggy. News from last weeks give some base for optimism (peaceful solution) while others are increasing the use of military option. What’s clear to me is that the stakes are now higher than before. From my point… » read more

People are on the streets in Tehran, the death toll is rising, and rumors are spreading that not only students but also some figures inside Establishment would begin to openly challenge Ali Khamenei’s legitimacy as supreme leader. Some reports claim that Hashemi Rafsanjani – head of the Assembly of Experts, a body that has the… » read more

Peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is further away than ever. Animosity between Westerners and Muslims continues to grow. Traditional anti-Semitism is on the rise. The composition of the current Israeli government is frightening. Prime Minister Netanyahu does not acknowledge a two state solution. Foreign Minister Lieberman continues to express his contempt for his Arab… » read more

President Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo University on 4 June, rivals the brilliance of John F Kennedy’s Ich bin ein Berliner 1963 speech in Berlin. Shrewdly, the event was hosted by Cairo University, founded in 1908, al-Azhar University, founded in 975. I could not resist watching its entire 54 minutes. Of course, words alone are… » read more

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