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Welcome to 2009

Nothing changes, it seems. Just like 2008, 2009 promises to bring yet more Russian sabre-rattling and European fears about the continent’s long-term energy security. Also time to welcome in the Czech EU presidency. With the Czech Republic currently being run by the neoliberal, eurosceptic Civic Democratic Party of President Václav Klaus and Prime Minister Mirek… » read more

Today’s post will be about Café Babel an European affairs magazine well-known for its EU blog platform. Don’t hesitate to correct me if I am wrong. Description Café Babel was created in 2001 by European students to trigger the debate about EU issues among the young Europeans. 8 years after its launch, Café Babel is… » read more

Fichtre, who’s who dans le world wide web ? Qui dit quoi, qui se gausse, qui ose ? Histoire de faire plus ample connaissance, voici pour la rentrée une série de causeries jupons frivoles avec les bloggueurs les plus influents ou (im)pertinents de l’eurosphère. En anglais s’il vous plait ! NOSEMONKEY & EUtopia J. Clive… » read more

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