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A Feeling of Deja vu

By now, the scenario employed against Greece, Portugal and Spain by New York-based international financial scoundrels is all too familiar to anyone who recalls the events of the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis. Then, as now, hedge funds targeted a country whose GDP was largely dependent on tourist dollars – Thailand – and had fiscal problems… » read more

Obama’s First Year

From an European perspective, Barack Obama’s first year in office has been less than spectacular as far as results go. His left-of-centre administration includes many of Bill Clinton’s former appointees in vital areas such as economic strategy or foreign affairs. Many of his supporters feel let down with the lack of progress in Irak, in… » read more

This year’s Halki International Seminars focused on the role of the transatlantic institutions in helping local stakeholders address security challenges in the Middle East, the Black Sea and Southeastern Europe. In the interview that follows, Prof. H. Barkey discusses his views on US foreign policy under President Obama. ShareThis

Historian Bernard Lewis warned a nation can make few mistakes worse than being “harmless as an enemy and treacherous as a friend.” On September 17th President Barack Obama confirmed lest there had been any doubt, he has taken America there. On the 70th anniversary to the day of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland Barack… » read more

Melting the Cold War

The US’s parting ways with its proposed missile defense complex in Poland and the Czech Republic hopefully signals the final stage of the Cold War melting. Obstinate adherence to old Cold War politics may not have been melting as fast as our glaciers, but it was about time that a major shift in strategy emerged… » read more

On June 4, 2009, President Barrack Obama made a remarkable speech invoking all different kind of responses from all around the world. The President made quotations from the Quran, Bible and Torah, encouraging conciliation of civilisations. The Bush period brought strong anti-Americanism waves to the Middle East. It seems that Obama is very willing to… » read more

No need for me to chronicle or comment on the seemingly never-ending summit saga of President Obama. His procession through Europe – London to Strasbourg to Prague to… Istanbul, which has a foot in both Europe and Asia – has been documented amply, including by Belgian novelist Amélie Nothomb, who wrote in Saturday’s New […]

So I thought it would be interesting, as the hysteria fades, to take a short, unrepresentative tour of how EU-oriented bloggers greeted Barak Obama’s victory. This is by no means a scientific or exhaustive survey – just a few quotes and links – and it’s highly unrepresentative because, of the acres of blogprint dedicated to… » read more

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