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TO: The Conciliation committee delegation of the European Parliament, Nadezhda Mihaylova, MEP, Vladko Panayotov, MEP, All the Bulgarian members of the European parliament OPEN LETTER for protection of the digital rights of the Bulgarian and the EU citizens. At the end of September last year, the European Parliament adopted at first reading and on May… » read more

Last session from the Public Voice events – http://thepublicvoice.org/events/madrid0… Presenting the declaration – Global Privacy Standards for a Global World, The Civil Society Declaration Madrid, Spain, 3 November 2009 Ms. Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner, Canada (Canada) Describing Canada’s situation. Other activitis from the DPA. The Canadian DPA fully supports the Declaration. Mr. Jacob Kohnstamm, EU… » read more

See the previous workshops coverage Moderator: Prof. Yves Poullet, Computing Research Centre, Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix (Belgium) Mr. Pedro Martinez, Fiscal, Madrid High Court (Spain) Data retention directive – scope to monitor citizens Implementation in spain – software SITEL – part of Interpol. Discussion on spanish issues regarding wiretapping and data retetion directive… » read more

Moderator: Ms. Anna Fielder, TACD, Privacy International (UK) Mr. Michael Donohue, OECD Cloud computing = industralization of IT. No formal defition, cloud servicies – convienient on-demand access to services over the Internet. Policy – security & privacy. But also procurement (govt buyer of claud services), broadband access, competition policy, IP + consumer protection. Tension between… » read more

As already stated by Mathew Lowry on his blog, the European Commission has been dipping its toes into the Web 2.0 and trying out a new innovative way to reach out the European citizens online. After the successful experience of the European Parliament which has been campaigning to raise awareness on the European Parliament Elections… » read more

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