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The 2008 European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) published today shows the EU is making progress in its innovation performance preceding the financial crisis. In parallel to the EIS, the 2008 Science, Technology and Competitiveness report also published today provides for the first time an overview of progress from 2000 to 2006 in both EU R&D investment… » read more

Selon plusieurs sondageset micro-trottoirsréalisés ces derniers mois auprès des citoyens européens, ces derniers expriment leur volonté de voir en leur futurs députés européens des femmes et des hommes connus à la fois pour leur implication dans la chose européenne et leur ancrage dans une ville ou une région. […]  

“Global Wind Energy Market Trends and Future Forecasts” ( http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Global-Wind-Energy-Market-Trends-and-Future-Forecasts.html ) report analyses the global wind industry. This report provides an extensive research on the growing wind industry at global as well as country level (28 countries have been covered in this report). Detailed data analysis will help potential investor to know the current market… » read more

The renowned Dutch Clingendael International Energy Programme foresees more future turbulence in the oil markets, an energy crunch by 2010 and potential oil rationing in the Western world. Here are some of the most interesting conclusions of the highly recommended “Oil Turbulence in the next decade” essay: The “oil crunch” predicted by the International Energy… » read more

I sometimes complain that our political elites have lost all long-term vision focused as they are on feeding the quick-news-hungry media with sexy soundbites which have little value for the societal challenges these policy makers are supposed to tackle. It is therefore very encouraging that, occasionally , there is a political figure who manages to… » read more

When investments banks start to talk openly about a future oil supply crunch, there is reason to get really worried. According to the Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Bank recently joined the club of high-level energy experts who think the world will never see production levels above 100 million barrels per day. The Bank is now… » read more

At a dinner debate organised by Friends of Europe and General Motors Europe on 16 October, EU Commission official Paul Hodson reacted to the Doornbosch-Steenblik report published for the Round Table on Sustainable Development of the OECD (the report is NOT an officially endorsed OECD document BTW). In their study “Biofuels, is the cure worse… » read more

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