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After a fruitful meeting with the Americans for Financial Reform, I briefly met Richard Trumka, the newly elected President of AFL CIO – the largest federation of trade unions in North America – and delivered a speech at a meeting with the ITUC. Here is the message I conveyed to our American friends: The outcome… » read more

We said it before the election, and after the election we are saying exactly the same: the PES cannot support a reelection of Barroso. Now more than ever, Europe needs a fundamental change of direction and real crisis management. After the election, the PES is the second largest group in the European Parliament, and we… » read more

I used to admire Finland for its originality, its spark, its way of doing things differently. Finland was the country where people, sitting in their saunas, asked “Is this really the best way of doing things? Maybe we can do better.” They developed one of the most successful social models in the world. They developed… » read more

We northern Europeans often complain about the blustery, rainy, windy weather that batters our shores, but this climate also offers us great potential to face the economic and environmental storms overhead. That’s because on our very coastlines we have a resource which can provide more energy than the Gulf oilfields and create thousands of jobs,… » read more

Today is Europe Day, the annual celebration of European integration. It marks the day in 1950 on which the Schuman Declaration was signed, launching the Coal and Steel Community: the start of what we now call the European Union. The declaration included a commitment to "the equalisation and improvement of the living conditions of workers".… » read more

We MEPs are all in Strasbourg this week for the final plenary of the European Parliament before the European elections, and there’s a lot to get through. However busy this week is, there will still be a great stack of issues landing in the in-tray for the start of the new 2009-2013 Parliament. It’s up… » read more

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