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The ‘no – votes’ in France and the Netherlands sparked realisation of the lack of faith shown in the EU institutions and a need to reduce the democratic deficit. The direct outcome of this concern was Plan D denoting Democracy, Dialogue, and Debate. Six trans-national projects were conducted in order to test innovative consultation methods… » read more

The Plan D final conference was for me an interesting experience, as I could witness an enthusiastic debate by ordinary citizens who had debated European issues already before they came to Brussels. Thus they were already a little bit better informed as the average citizen. It was interesting to see that these citizens not only… » read more

The EU’s communication strategy has been under the spotlight since the French and Dutch “No”s to the EU’s Constitutional Treaty. With a new ‘Reform Treaty‘ in the offing and the European elections scheduled for Spring 2009, the Commission is preparing a new Communications strategy and looking at the lesson’s learned from its ‘Plan D’ Action… » read more

Preparing for Lisbon

Hi everyone, I’m Pete from Glasgow and I’ve been involved in this SpeakUp Europe project. It was a great experience and now I’m preparing to go to Lisbon for the Plan D Closing Conference, with 450 others. I’ll be bringing my video camera and hope to interview a few people there on the spot, posting… » read more

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