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News from AGORA-Istanbul

Daer members! IPWG has already got back from the AGORA and would like to thank once again everyone, who made the organization of it just perfect! Aapart from enjoying the plenary sessions and parties we also held a quest, based on the knoledge of international politics. Thank you everyone, who gave in their answers but… » read more

‘Why do you concentrate so much on the neocons?’ was the main question I was asked at the 5th Annual Conference of the BISA US Foreign Policy Group last week in the University of Leeds. ‘The group is dead, it is buried in Iraq’ was another comment made. ‘I agree with you’ I immediately responded… » read more

For the first time in several years a flight of a Russian air company (S7 airlines) to Georgia took place today. From now on flights will operate three times a week on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.Flights between the two countries were stopped after the conflict two years ago, but transportation has now been restored.

Godfrey Bloom – Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group The concept of financial regulation across 27 countries most of whom have no experience of financial services is not just flawed but dangerous. The United Kingdom, yes the City of London, is the only world class centre for financial services in the European Union. This is… » read more

Nikolaos Chountis – Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left After the stock market and oil crisis in 1970s, the world economic system in general, and the financial system in particular, were based on three “pillars”: a) the collapse of the fixed exchange rates system, b) the internationalization and liberalization of… » read more

The Belgian government was left in chaos in April after Belgium’s King Albert II accepted the resignation of the Flemish Christian democrat and Prime Minister, Yves Leterme – Leterme’s third resignation since July 2008. This was the latest installation in the long-term power struggle between the country’s French-speaking Walloons and Flemish-speaking majority. Leterme’s five-month old… » read more

This year’s Halki International Seminars focused on the role of the transatlantic institutions in helping local stakeholders address security challenges in the Middle East, the Black Sea and Southeastern Europe. In the interview that follows, Prof. Sh. Feldman discusses his views on the Middle East issue. ShareThis

On February 28th, Catalans voted again for independence. It was the third round of a process of local referenda held in Catalonia municipalities. The first round was in September, where just one municipality voted. The second wave came in December, with approximately 160 municipalities voting. In February, it was the turn for 80 more municipalities.… » read more

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