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If it wasn’t for me

We have just come across this rather amusing snippet from Labour leadership contender Ed Balls who, we learn via the Today programme, single-handedly prevented Britain from joining the euro in the latter part of the last decade (and the first part of t…

Since independence, the relations between Slovenia and Croatia were essentially very good. We are one of each others’ main trade partners, Slovenes are welcome at Croatian cost and Croats on Slovenian ski slopes. A few issues remain unresolved after the breakup of Yugoslavia that kept the politicians and journalists busy, but did not have much… » read more

A question of trust

An interesting new poll from Politics Home of 1,200 voters has found that less than half of Labour voters expect the party to fulfill its manifesto pledges.50% of Labour voters think it is fairly, or very unlikely to fulfill its manifesto pledges, whic…

Surprise surprise

Now that the Lisbon Treaty is safely in force (as of yesterday) the Lib Dems have predictably abandoned their support for a referendum on Britain’s EU membership.The tactic to support such a referendum was nothing more than a pathetically transparent a…

Sir, Regarding ‘Cameron confirms Tories’ Lisbon referendum plan‘: As a British expat living in France, I would like to express my indignation to the way Mr. Cameron is trying to impose his Eurosceptic views on the pro-European side of the Conservative Party. I am very involved with French politics and I would like to invite… » read more

Rarely has the Brussels rentrée occurred in such a muddle of doubt and anticipation. Doubt because the October 2 Irish referendum could kill the Lisbon Treaty for good; anticipation because approval of Lisbon should open up new capabilities for Europe and settle the constitutional uncertainty which has dogged the EU for so many years –… » read more

The European Assocation for Eurocrats (EAE) today issued a Press Directive strongly condemning the process by which David ?erný’s Entropa is selected. Divad Ynrec, spokesman of the AEA today stated that ‘Entropa is a dangerous violation of the requirements laid out in the opinions published by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) on… » read more

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