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I apologise for my long absence from this blog. Recently I have, of course, followed the Commission hearings, at least for those of the new Commissioners that are most interesting from a regional research and innovation viewpoint. Clearly, this was a great moment for the European Parliament and for European democracy. One MEP quoted by… » read more

Event report: ERRIN Briefing: Lisbon in Practice – Regional attractiveness for R&D investment, 8 July 2009, Brussels All the more recent growth theories are placing innovation at the heart of what drives creativity and growth in countries and regions. However, the available data shows that there is a huge amount of inertia, a fact that… » read more

I got my crash-course in public procurement this week at a DG INFSO workshop on “Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)”. Now while this sound like a boring bureaucratic nightmare, it’s actually really exciting stuff, at least if you are interested in boosting research and innovation and making Europe the most competitive knowledge-based economy in the world, which… » read more

Innovation is a vital component of regional competitiveness and a key driver to help regions escape the current economic crisis. Innovative regions are also a key factor in attracting companies to locate in the EU. All the more reason for ERRIN, to explore new thinking on improving innovation processes and discuss how Open Innovation […]

Euractiv reports that Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt thinks the Lisbon Agenda has failed in putting Europe on the map for the world’s most innovative region. Sweden will hold the EU Presidency for the second half of this year starting 1st July and preparing for a ”bumpy ride”. “Even if progress has been made it… » read more

Cohesion Policy makes up the largest chunk of the EU budget. It is of tremendous importance to put the EU on a growth and innovation trajectory and to align national and regional development policies for the knowledge society. To help the future orientation of cohesion policy towards regional R&D and innovation needs, ERRIN, the European… » read more

I have had the opportunity to participate in a Pro-Inno workshop on Open Innovation last week. Great initiative by the organisers, my compliments to DG Enterprise. Here are some thoughts: Open innovation (OI) has become an integral part of innovation strategies and business models of companies in recent years and has inspired policy makers to… » read more

One surefire way to improve the EU’s innovation performance, entrepreneurship and competitiveness is to upgrade University-business links. To strengthen the role of universities in promoting economic competitiveness, regional regeneration and creating innovation hubs for business and the community is one of the priorities under the Lisbon Agenda. Universities should also be instrumental in developing a… » read more

As a follow up to the ERRIN conference on “European Cluster Policy – What’s in it for the regions” that took place on 11 December 2008 at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels ( see my previous blog entry ) I did an interview in early January 2009 with Antoni Subira, who acted as… » read more

The European Year of Creativity and Innovation has been launched this Friday (5 December) at a conference in Brussels. The day before, Euractiv published an interview with Education and Culture Commissioner Figel on the year’s significance, particularly in light of the current financial and economic crisis. Quote: As the EU charts its way […] Original… » read more

European Cohesion Policy is becoming ever more important in strengthening competitiveness and innovation capacity in our regions. Compared to other important instruments such as the Research Framework Programme or the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme it does not only have ‘critical mass’ in terms of budget allocation, but it is also crucial in aligning national and… » read more

Clusters are attracting more and more attention from policymakers in their quest to improve regional competitiveness. The development of world-class clusters has now also become an EU policy priority as illustrated recently by the European Commission`s Communication on “Powerful clusters: Main drivers of Europe’s competitiveness”, published on 17 October 2008. The attractiveness of the cluster… » read more

I am just back from a full day ERRIN seminar and marketplace on entrepreneurship in Brussels, where we had speakers from DG Education, DG Enterprise and DG Research as well as lots of practitioners from ERRIN regions who are involved in diverse action schemes at the local and regional level to create the kind […]… » read more

Finnish cluster programmes have been highlighted as good practice by the OECD and the training activities described below, seem to lead the way in Europe. Leena Zittling, President of the European ProClusters Association, whom I met during the Europe Innova conference in Lyon – she was a speaker at the cluster workshop -, sent […]… » read more

Hi there. I would like to share with you some interesting articles on innovation and regional development published this week in the Herald Tribune. Broader financial turmoil threatens biotech’s innovation and cash A biotech crash, if it comes, could threaten an industry that plays a vital role in turning scientific advances into usable medicines… Bulgaria… » read more

Just came back from the INTERREG IVC Forum in Lille. The immense and increasing popularity of this funding mechanism for interregional cooperation was graphically demonstrated by the first call of this programme, resulting in piles of project applications. More than 400 applications mobilising nearly 5000 actors across Europe were received and the programme Secretariat in… » read more

Today I received a pre-event newsletter of the Euregia 2008 that is running from 27 to 29 October 2008 in Leipzig, Germany. According to its organisers, Euregia is “Europe’s largest communication and benchmarking forum on regional development and territorial cooperation”. While this is certainly a bit of hyperbole, since the Open Days are clearly larger… » read more

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