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On February 28th 2015, I attended a very interesting event – the Polish Economic Forum. Held at the London School of Economics, the conference had been organised by Polish students of the LSE SU Polish Business Society, whose organising skills – in addition to the accompanying attractions – made the Forum a truly spectacular event.… » read more

Guest blog post by Nikos Lampropoulos, Director of EurActiv.gr. After long discussions between Member States and the European Commission followed by a 3 months public consultation, the Commission officially launched the Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region on June 18th. About the Strategy “The general objective of the new Strategy is to promote economic… » read more

RSA Early Career Grant Scheme Who is it for? This award is open to single applicants in their early career (five years maximum between the date showing on the certificate and the application deadline). Applicants must be based within an eligible higher education institution (HEI) and must be a current, early career member of the… » read more

During the trial period, the Voluntary Help Service has as assisted 11 people with disabilities in finding a volunteer to accompany them to different activities and engage in social relations. Currently many more are on waiting list, interested in finding a volunteer to match their needs. Luckily resent initiatives to attract more volunteers are beginning… » read more

MyN Project Video

This video shows the work that is being carried on the four MyN neighbourhood pilots. Take a look! MyNeighbourhood Project Video from Alfamicro on Vimeo.

Under the EU’s 2014-2020 budget, Cohesion Policy will invest €325 billion in Europe’s Member States, their regions and cities to deliver the EU-wide goals of growth and jobs, as well as tackling climate change, energy dependence and social exclusion. Taking into account the national contribution of member states, and the leverage effect of financial instruments,… » read more

On Thursday, 13 March, MyNeighbourhood and the Human Smart Cities network, will hold a Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Stay Tuned on MyNeighbourhood’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and follow the hashtag: #HumanSmartCities and post your messages @MyN_EU ! The conference “Human Smart Cities: The Future of Cities Today” aims at setting a stage to discuss… » read more

Discussions about the next EU multiannual budget, finally approved by the EP earlier this week, revolved around the available amounts, own resources and issues like flexibility and mid-term revision. But the agreement brings important changes also into some policy areas – last but not least the Cohesion policy, which takes one third of the overall… » read more

By Petr Hlobil of BankWatch The manipulation of a tender for a metro line extension in Prague – financially supported via EU funds and the European Investment Bank (EIB) has not only resulted in a huge EU funds fine, but also raises questions about the EIB’s ability to identify and avoid mismanagement in the infrastructure… » read more

National governments have proven that they do not have what is required to meet the global challenges of climate change and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. The shortcomings of the COP meeting since Copenhagen acts as testament to this. With the burden of recession and austerity, short-sighted national governments have thus far shown… » read more

The likely allocation of EU funds is set to bring about a breakthrough success for a popular and dearly needed campaign for better air quality in Krakow, Poland. by Markus Trilling, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog As the now frankly absurd EU budget 2014-2020 stalemate staggers on in Brussels, it’s been heartening to get wind… » read more

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