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Not to be underestimated

In a letter in the Evening Standard yesterday we argued that the EU’s new President, Herman Van Rompuy, should not be underestimated.Just looking through Nicolas Sarkozy’s press conference in Brussels last week, this is reinforced.Sarko describes Van R…

Peut-être est-ce un excès de vin rosé, peut-être est-ce un début de semaine difficile après Pâques, toujours est-il que l’enfant de choeur de Nicolas Sarkozy sonne les cloches, et plutôt deux fois qu’une. Le 14 avril, Frédéric Lefebvre (que le site ump2009 écrit Lefèbvre – no comment) rédige un premier communiqué: Les élections européennes selon… » read more

Une tragicomédie en trois actes: Acte I: Le cadeau Dati Je ne sais pas si c’est la peine de revenir sur le “cadeau” de Sarkozy à Barnier en lui imposant Rachida Dati comme colistière. Simplement pour observer que Barnier a été plutôt avare en compliments sur sa numéro 2: c’est “une femme courageuse” qui “a… » read more

Eastern Europe has been stealing jobs by using their people to produce French cars being sold to French people. That is going to stop with me. This is the baseline of Sarkozy’s remarks in the last couple of days. But as we have seen in the 1930s, protectionism results in retaliation after retaliation, countries keep… » read more

European Disunion

This is a guest blog post by Pat Patterson: Kenneth R. Weinstein, the CEO of the Hudson Institute, wrote a recent article in The Weekly Standard which argues that the divisions within the EU are greater and institutionalized than the more publici… Original post by atlanticreview

There is a drastic difference between two recent speeches by Nicolas Sarkozy: The one in Washington last week and his speech today in Strasbourg. Sarkozy’s address to the US congress was impressive. His declaration of love to the United States was so full of praise that one could indeed forget that France has ever had… » read more

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