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This week a pesticide-resistance petition, signed by 72 scientists and agriculturists, was presented to the European Parliament. The scientists are concerned that revisions to the existing European pesticide legislation which includes reducing the number of pesticides on the market could lead to pests developing resistances to remaining products. The scientists say that fewer active ingredients… » read more

How Safe … and for whom?

Securing the safety of our children, family and co-workers is, apparently, increasingly important in many countries around the world. Governments continually pass legislation to restrict certain behaviours as well as products that could potentially cause harm. But are we going too far in wanting to remove all potential risks from our daily lives […] Original… » read more

If you wish to restrict your consumption of hazardous pesticides you are advised to:- i) eat vegetables and fruit crops (in fact all crops) that have been treated with synthetic pesticides, ii) to cut down on eating organic vegetables and fruit and iii) reject the skins of fruit and vegetables. This advice is the inevitable… » read more

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