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Sir, Regarding ‘European businesses crippled by late payments‘: Your article explains how late payment failures are substantially hurting SMEs, with the risk far more prevalent in South and East European Countries. As CEO of Solid Quality Mentors, a Spanish innovative small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), I welcome any measure which helps us reduce red tape… » read more

The European parliament will vote on the 25 March on the report to amend EU Commission’s proposal to amend Directive 78/660/EC on the annual accounts of certain types of company. However , if efforts to reduce or eliminate burdens – where their identifiable net benefits are exceeded by the costs of compliance – are supported,… » read more

On Friday 27th March, Luuk Borg Director of EUREKA, spoke to Blogactiv about funding for SMEs in Europe. As a participant in Workshop X at EBS 2009 – which was Moderated by Christophe Leclerq, Publisher of EurActiv.com – Mr Borg discussed the role of Venture Capital and funding for small, entrepreneurial companies and start-ups. To… » read more

Dear potential participants in the ‘SME in the crisis’ session as EBS: as moderator of the panel I welcome your views and questions in advance. You will find below the pre-reading that was prepared for speakers at this panel. It includes links to more information. The session itself has been adapted after discussion in the… » read more

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