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1 November 2010 // No Comment Author: Tomas Marcinkevicius I am from Lithuania. So, when I travel or accept guests from foreign countries, the first information package usually consists of many “no‘s”. Such as… Hey there, we are here, in the North-East, just a bit upper from Poland. No, don‘t look down on the […]

Nomads of the world, unite!

France is not calling any more the poor Europeans it expels from its territory ‘Roma’, but prefers to refer to their nationality or simply to call them “nomads”. A year and a half ago, Italy avoided Commission criticism for discriminating against Roma in a fingerprinting campaign targeted at the ethnic group. The reason for […]

New Vice President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Jacek Krawcyk, discusses the role of the EESC as an institution, the prospects for the budget and how he hopes that civil society can influence grass roots democracy beyond the borders of the EU.

The press must be crazy

Hey guys, look at those contradictory titles: EU to Take Legal Action Against France Over Gypsy Expulsions, against EU legal action ruled out against France over Roma. Or Brussels blinks in legal row with Sarkozy over Roma expulsion, and then Roma ultimatum given to France by EU: allow free movement or face court. I could… » read more

The following is the first part of a summer series of disquiet. While the Risk Monger writes this blog to ridicule the fear mongers, there are certain risks that keep him awake at night. No it is not rising sea levels or contaminated food chains, ensuing pandemics or pervasive chemicals – I’ll leave those for… » read more

Author: Ana Alibegova Green shirts, double coloured neckerchiefs, tied with a slipknot, campfires – scouts are not just a group of people who love the nature, but they are part of a world movement named Scouting that promotes education, active citizens and contributes to a better world. From an experimental camping to a worldwide […]

Les entreprises cotées en Bourse doivent publier, dans leur rapport annuel, leurs performances environnementales et sociales. Les paramètres à mesurer doivent être définis par la loi. Et les résultats des entreprises certifiés par un organisme tiers. Ces paramètres environnementaux et sociaux seraient autant de critères de gestion exploitables par des collectifs d’actionnaires citoyens ou par… » read more

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