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Do You Blog Or Publish?

On Friday last week I had the pleasure of attending a Lisbon Council event on the subject of innovation. I can’t lie, it was a fascinating event with some excellent speakers and interventions. However, I don’t want to dwell on the content. Instead, I’d like to recall a conversation I had in the coffee break.… » read more

More than one social media observer has taken their time to react to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer’s statistic that “people like me” has taken a tumble. What does it mean for EU communications? For those confused by the first sentence, let me explain that for many people involved in the early days of social… » read more

When is a blog not a blog?

Answer: when the blogger doesn’t publish comments or trackbacks. But why are so many of these Charade Blogs supposedly ‘blogs on European communications’? Are there too many freshly minted ’social media experts’ in Brussels? I’ve found that Eurosceptic-oriented blogs are generally very open environments – I had a comment blocked once on Devil’s Kitchen, but… » read more

The story of the Mr Bean “hack” of the Spanish Presidency website got me thinking. Not the story itself, which is just an amusing diversion. But Joe Litobarski’s excellent analysis led me to compare the way the story was covered by the mainstream media and by bloggers such as himself and Julien Frisch, who first… » read more

Now and then the question arises: how can we get a transnational discourse on European topics underway, or create a European online public space? The two phrases in bold, above, both come from one of the latest posts on the topic, this time from Julien Frisch. They follow initiatives like Steffan’s Bloggingportal.eu, which aggregates Euroblog… » read more

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