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“…So much the Spanish diaries as those of other countries of the European Union, they present the following characteristics: 1. The exchange of contents between European diaries is scanty. 2. The mobility between his drafts, void. 3. The integration of the journalistic companies to European, non-existent scale. 4. During these years of crisis, we see… » read more

Ebuzzing publishes monthly a ranking blog. This list organizes in a “General” section (integrated by 300 blogs) and others almost forty sections of very varied subject matter that goes from ” Animals and pets ” up to “Video games”, happening for ” Art and culture “, “Cinema”, “Photography”, “Environment”…   Today we go away to… » read more

    Since the night of May 25 began to learn the results of the elections to the European Parliament, you can give the bell to get five MEPs, the powers that be have released their media pack of doberman-Eduardo Inda, Alfonso Rojo, Francisco Marhuenda-to destroy or at least slow its progression. This bunch of… » read more


In europe@s, we gave in his day the welcome to Presseurop (2009) and were sorry about his closing (2013). Nevertheless, last May 20 we were receiving an encouraging news: the putting in VoxEurop’s march, a project that tries to give continuity and, at the same time, to innovate on the need of an European way… » read more

  Apart from its membership of the European Union, Spain has little to do with Sweden (really both countries will participate in the choice of a common parliament?). Two recent news confirmed: While in Spain “A policy of PP occupies 13 counts …”, Sweden ”debuts six-hour workday without lowering wages.” However experimental it is the… » read more

“The electoral campaign for the 2008 U.S. elections and the election of Barack Obama have enshrined the role of social networks,” stated in post-electoral EB71.3 Enquête européennes Elections 2009 (p. 20).   Six years later, the European institutions do not totally assimilate the role of social networks in the forthcoming European elections. And what’s worse,… » read more

“Many proponents of traditional values across Europe have started feeling uneasy about finding themselves in Putin’s camp ideologically. In Lithuania, for example, the Christian Democrats abstained from voting, thereby blocking a proposed law against ‘gay propaganda’ similar to the one introduced in Russia, while the Catholic hierarchy swapped its usual nationalist stance for an enthusiastic… » read more

In europe@s, we do to ourselves today echo of a press release of the Group Spinelli for commeorar the Anniversary XXX of the Project Spinelli: ” Tomorrow (Friday) 30 are fulfilled anniversary of the approval by the European Parliament of the project of constitutive Agreement of the European Union. The referee was Altiero Spinelli. The… » read more


With one ” Up to soon ” he was saying goodbye of his readers, Eric Maurice, Editor chief of Presseurop, one of the principal web sites of information about the European Union. The European Commission closes the faucet. Not even the laments of important European means neither as The Croix, or those of Martin Schulz,… » read more

Somoano boys

Do you follow with assiduity the television newscasts? I some time ago that I stopped following. Do not be if it was when I started familiarizing with Internet or when me dí account of which the television newscasts were speaking increasingly about the time, about the sports or about events. Maybe for this motive, when… » read more

A Parliament, a headquarters

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, the 19th of November a resolution will be debated – and on Wednesday, the 20th it will be voted – in the European Parliament in the one that steadies itself that ” The European Parliament would be more efficient, profitable and respectful with the environment if it was placed in the only… » read more

Sobre José Luis Valverde

  In a previous entry, we were saying that the book Europe, thought and action 1945-2012, of Jose Luis Valverde, Professor Jean Monnet of Law of the EU, is ” of obliged reading “. In europe@s, we have realized the opportune negotiations to contact the Prof. Valverde that, in spite of the fact that in… » read more

Lessons to draw from Germany

Some of the results of the German elections , celebrated last week, do not offer discussion: The success of the center – right (CDU/CSU), the Social-Democratic Party (SPD) (Die Grünen) consolidates as the second political force, the collapse of the liberal (FDP), the ascent of The Left side (Die Linke), a light setback of Green,… » read more

On June 23, we were speaking here on a test of qualified Ulrich Beck ” a German Europe “, in which between other things it was said: Beck explains to us how, with Angela Merkel, we are happening from an European Germany (Thomas Mann) to a German Europe. One month later, EL PAIS publishes… Read… » read more

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