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There was an interesting meeting in the European Parliament on Tuesday evening, entitled “How to Cure the EU Patient Information Gap – Inequalities and Good Examples and the Way Forward.” It was organised by Swedish think tank Health Consumer Powerhouse (and supported by an unrestricted grant by EFPIA). It was pretty packed too; in excess… » read more

“the technology has a very different risk profile than CO2 emitting ones, it is not a risk-free alternative and it should only play a role in a 21st century energy risk if it really turns out to be a cos-effective replacement”  

Thanks to the Euro, members of the Euro-zone have been able to weather the international financial crisis much better than those outside the euro-zone. Hungary and UK, not to mention Iceland, have seen their currencies coming under pressure for devaluation, as they lacked the solidity and solidarity of the single currency. It is therefore […]… » read more

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