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I don’t agree with the barbs being thrown – who can? – but I have one simple and rather uncomfortable question… If it weren’t for UKIP, would the Strasbourg sessions of the European Parliament ever make it into the news??? It is just such a shame that we have to see it descend to this.… » read more

Sticking to your guns

The new Slovakian government is not bowing to pressure over its refusal to sign off on the eurozone bailout package. After a meeting with European Union Council President Herman van Rompuy tonight, Slovakian Prime Minister Iveta Radicova said, when ask…

After the last general elections in Poland, and more recently in Hungary, a new political landscape emerged. Yesterday the Czech Republic has joined the wave a change, ending an almost 20-years-long stalemate with two new parties. The proportional voting system propelled five parties into the lower house of the national assembly. The first two are… » read more

Richard Wilson argues that if we are not careful electoral reform could be a distraction from the new politics we need. I never marched against the Iraq war. I can’t remember why; I was probably ‘busy’. I did, though, construct quite an elaborate intellectual defense. An argument which hinged largely on a critique of our… » read more

Your author can clearly recall hearing Tony Blair and Gordon Brown justify the invasion of Iraq as being ‘for’ democracy. New Labour love ‘democracy’. So much so that they mentioned it in their election manifesto! You can watch as democracy is explained to Britain here:

Subject: Europe’s foundational Declaration of Inter-Dependence Communicating Europe with “old documents” Dear President Barroso and Commissioners, Congratulations on your new positions. During the coming months, the 60th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration must be planned to take place on 9 May 2010. I hope that the entire Commission will give great thought to the preparations… » read more

Here on Blogactiv we very rarely feel the need to publish press releases and communiques related to an annual conference. However, we feel that the contribution from the Club de Madrid warrants close attention. DECLARATION Club of Madrid, Annual Conference ‘The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis’ November 13, 2009 We, Members of Club… » read more

Hear, hear

Simon Jenkins’ piece in today’s Guardian gets a big thumbs up from us. The article suggests why Gordon Brown would make a good EU President arguing that “He [Brown] is clearly unhappy with the rough and tumble of democratic politics, with the daily gr…

Last week, Antonio Di Pietro, chairman of the Italia dei Valori party and member of the Chamber of Deputies, addressed to the International Community through an advertisement published on the International Herald Tribune. Di Pietro warned the International Community about the risk in Italy to plunge in a de facto dictatorship. The court of Milan,… » read more

Polling stations where everybody shows his or her ballot to the officials; polling stations in private houses; yes, you guessed it – this means Bulgarian elections. A remarkable article in the Capital newspaper shows how representatives of the Turkish ethnic party Movement for rights and freedoms (MRF) have violated virtually every rule for free elections… » read more

Sir, Yesterday I read the article ‘Fresh start with new members’ statute’ on the European Parliament’s website [1]. The article reminded me of a press release by Open Europe [2] drawing public attention to the money pit that the benefits to be received by the members of the Commission of the European Communities presided by… » read more

Democracy nowadays

These first two weeks of June 2009 prompt remarkable reflections on the true meaning of democracy nowadays. 4 June was the date Europeans went to the polls to re-elect the supposedly second biggest democratic Parliament in the world (second only to the Lok Sabha, the Indian Parliament). The turnout was the lowest in history. Europeans… » read more

According to the law of the jungle, powerful beasts dominate and exploit the weak and unprotected. It is the law of Europe’s history over centuries. The only viable and successful alternative so far tried is the remarkable supranational innovation of Community democracy. It protected the weak, reconciled former enemies and laid the foundation for a… » read more

Iran: the power struggle

The Guardian Council today announced that there will be a partial recount of the disputed presidential election results: this is not expected to change the outcome. It is surprising that the western media before today failed to report much beyond the public outrage and demonstrations. The two opposing sides are divided by class rather than… » read more

We said it before the election, and after the election we are saying exactly the same: the PES cannot support a reelection of Barroso. Now more than ever, Europe needs a fundamental change of direction and real crisis management. After the election, the PES is the second largest group in the European Parliament, and we… » read more

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