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Orgalime believe in the key role that manufacturing industry plays as a driver of Europe’s economy, both through the direct jobs that companies provide and indirectly throughout their supply chains, including not least the services industry. Our manifesto, ‘Maufacturing Matters’ serves not only the European Institutions but anyone who believes that industry counts. In […]

The position adopted by the Council (document 10753/10 dated 06.07.2010) introduces remarkable improvements compared to the initial proposal of the Commission (KOM(2008) 311 final), not least by inclusion of a relevant number of amendments from the 1st Reading in the European Parliament of 23.04.2009. Relevant improvements have been made in the context of the suitability… » read more

Orgalime has just joined manufacturing crunch, a global online community for, and about manufacturers and manufacturing. The aim is to try to get some user-generated content from around the globe on issues like REACH, climate change, energy, health care, international tax, trade, immigration and workforce issues, among others………… Join the conversation too……….

European consumers expect safe products. European manufacturers expect fair competition. But the lack of a pan-European framework for market surveillance and enforcement activities means the expectations of both communities are unfulfilled. Hence, today we have (in conjunction with ANEC – the European consumer voice in standardisation) today issued a common position paper calling on Member… » read more

After several excellent years, with a strong expansion for European engineering, prospects for the coming year are somewhat bleak. Apart from the expected and usual cyclical slowdown that started in the last year, the recent global financial turbulence is beginning to have an impact on the demand of both capital goods and consumer durables manufactured… » read more

Sign up for the monthly e-alert from Orgalime, the European engineering industries association. This short summary keeps you in touch with the hot engineering topics affecting 130 000 companies in 24 European countries. It is intended to issue 10 per year, with breaks in the summer and Christmas. Go to: www.orgalime.org and register your interest.… » read more

The Deepest Need

European democratic and real Government on issues of common interest: 1. A single, strong currency would be the best basis for economic growth… if we had also a continental level of public policies. Otherwise we waste the greatest advantage of Euro’s value on the market 2. A single voice on foreign affairs doesn’t mean only… » read more

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