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Author: Stevica Levajkovski Intercultural cooperation between young leaders from 3 continents? 9 countries represented: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia. Work, live, travel, have fun = all together !!! 9 months spent in Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in Trogen, Switzerland. Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation offers an intercultural “emPower” program for young adults… » read more

Swat the Mosquito!

Discriminatory device violates the rights of children and young people On the occasion of the Education, Youth and Culture Council of the European Union on 21-22 May, youth organisations across Europe are calling on EU Member States to ban the Mosquito, a device emitting an irritating sound aimed at dispersing young people gathered in public… » read more

Most museums, schools, governments and cultural organizations complain about the lack of interest for arts, culture and cultural heritage by younger people. Attempts to lure a younger public of diverse cultural backgrounds into our cultural institutions usually end in tears and frustration. But lets be honest here: if you have to decide between having a… » read more

Status of student

I don’t really know how this matter looks like in other European countries, but the situation in Poland is, in my opinion, a little bit crazy. All the schools, from pimary up to universities, provide their students with “student cards”. But they are valid inside Poland only. It implies two serious disadvanages: 1. It is… » read more

To go beyond the Erasmus programm and to offer ALL young people the opportunity to spend a few months of their life in another EU country, working and exchanging with other young people all around Europe. The young people should be working for non profit organisations or public organisations. The actions could deal with culture,… » read more


I suggest a “Youth Parliment”of EU where the talented and young leaders belonging to every walk of life should be represented. It is obvious that they are the future leaders, movers and shakers of the EU, so their grooming should be started at early age. It will enable EU to reach the heights of development,… » read more

Why not start from the scratch with the view of bringing the EU closer to its citizens!?! let’s draft a common lecture about the basics of the EU (institutions, functioning, and impact on day to day life) that would be taught in each school on the territory of the European Union! This post was submitted… » read more

European Youth Forum

The young people is the most scepticism with the European Union. It´s important to give them more information and clarify everything that is concerned with the European Union. There are a lot of policies that affect the youth, like Erasmus and Leonard aids, the facilities to learn another language in the European Union, and the… » read more

As stated in the Agenda 21, children and youth have a right to participate in all decisions that will affect them. This is the case for most political decisions. So far there are only a few examples of full-scale youth participation in political decision-making processes in Europe. In most cases it is limited to “listening… » read more

Education to Europe

If we consider the way we get interested into a subject, one constant resides in the distance between oneself and the object or idea. What touches me is not the symbolic weight of an anthem or a flag, because such symbols are already made for people who partly feel themselves European.Before starting my studies I… » read more

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