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This article about a proposed Erasmus for tourists scheme was published by EurActiv on 14th April 2010. EU ministers in charge of tourism will meet in Madrid tomorrow (15 April) to launch a programme aimed at encouraging tourists to take holidays all year round and maintaining tourism jobs off-season, according to a draft text obtained… » read more

Most museums, schools, governments and cultural organizations complain about the lack of interest for arts, culture and cultural heritage by younger people. Attempts to lure a younger public of diverse cultural backgrounds into our cultural institutions usually end in tears and frustration. But lets be honest here: if you have to decide between having a… » read more

EU und CH

Die EU sollte strenger mit die nich mitglider sein beispiel:die schweiz macht aus EU wanderer sklaven sie werden beim arbeitsamt, durch bedrohung eine abkürzung der monatslohne gezwungen pro tag 4 stunden zu reisen und sogar schwangere frauen, andere werden gezwungen anderen berufe zu machen wie hotelangestellte von der reception müssen in die bauarbeiten gehen ,mich… » read more

Destination Romania

Tourism has not been a top priority in Romania during the last two decades. Fresh arrivals in the capital Bucharest cannot rely on any official tourist office, while simple souvenirs or postcards are almost impossible to find. The more provincial town of Sibiu, European Cultural Capital of 2007, shows that a few basic improvements can… » read more

Developing tourism

Anybody in Western Europe who talks about going to Bulgaria to spend this year`s summer holiday will probably be looked at in a strange way. Bulgaria does not yet have the reputations of a fully-grown tourist nation, but it for sure has lots to offer: beaches, mountains, monasteries, cave churches, Roman ruins, unspoilt nature and… » read more

I wish young people could get the first job easier and would be better paid and as for the students, more scholarships would be better. Transferrable skills should be an option not only in UK, but all around Europe. In the future I see a special kind of tourism. like national tourism where people would… » read more

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