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By Andrew Murphy, aviation policy officer at Transport & Environment Ending the generous tax exemptions aviation enjoys would create a level playing field between all transport modes, help meet our 2030 climate targets, and answer the EU’s call for a shift away from labour taxation. The Commission’s country-specific recommendations in its European Semester report last… » read more

This blogpost by Carlos Calvo Ambel, energy policy analyst at Transport & Environment, was first published by EurActiv The global picture is clear: both demand for surface transport and resulting CO2 emissions are going to skyrocket by 2050. Even for those who analyse transport on a daily basis the figures are startling – an increase… » read more

That the title of this post has a certain truth in it is undisputable. Flexibility has always been a high good, not only because of our daily commute and work related trips, but also for all of our private movements. The ability to participate online in an event, even in our daily work (i.e. telecommuting),… » read more

By Nusa Urbancic, Transport & Environment‘s energy programme manager. We live in a world where governments struggle to address climate change. Scientific advice on what needs to be done to stop warming our planet is very clear: stop burning fossil fuels. Even the rather conservative International Energy Agency (IEA) agrees: we need to leave more… » read more

The rapid slide in oil prices, down 41% since June, has left the aviation industry struggling to defend its continuing high fuel surcharges and reports of record profits, writes Andrew Murphy. Here is IATA’s director general, Tony Tyler, updating his stance on oil prices in light of recent developments: Reuters reported in November 2014: “Lower… » read more

Boeing’s specially outfitted 787 ecoDemonstrator flight test aircraft has completed its first flight using “green diesel,” a sustainable biofuel blended 15 per cent with 85 per cent conventional petroleum. Green diesel is made from vegetable oil, cooking oil waste and animal fat waste, which eliminate indirect land-use consequences associated with biofuels made from feedstocks. The… » read more

About two thirds of the EU member states are using toll systems for financing the construction and maintenance of highways. National governments monitor the rates being charged; and this functions quite satisfactorily. There is no reason for the EU to intervene, except insisting on strict non-discrimination between road users from different member states. This seems… » read more

By AEGEE-Europe The shooting down of a Boeing 777 is a shocking reminder of the fact that, while the international community divides its attention between the bombing in Gaza and the holiday destination of the German world champions, the situation in Eastern Ukraine has degenerated into a civil war whose consequences are unpredictable.

For years Bavarian politicians have been pushing for highway user fees for non-German cars. Now they may have come closer their goal. On 7 July, the German transport minister (CSU) has presented his plans, which should be turned into legislation before the beginning of 2016. They foresee the introduction of mandatory vignettes for passenger cars… » read more

EU energy ministers have struck an agreement to limit the use of first-generation biofuels with negative indirect land use change, or ILUC, effects. The agreement would cap the share of such fuels in transport at 7 per cent, higher than the 5 per cent proposed by the Commission and the 6 per cent approved by… » read more

The building of the biggest airport of the world is about to start. A 150 million passengers capacity airport. It will cost a little more than 10 billion euro. The Turkish state doesn’t pay anything, the airport will be built by the Turkish private sector. 25 years later the Airport licence will be back in… » read more

Monday, 28 April 2014, marked the first day that Moldovan citizens no longer needed visas to travel to Europe’s Schengen area countries. Moldovans celebrated with a concert in the center of Chisinau, while Russia quietly took note of a setback in the increasingly competitive game of strategic citizenship and visa policy in Europe. Russia’s practice… » read more

Dutch MP Stientje van Veldhoven has urged the European Commission to make the data of Europe’s railway companies freely available (“open data”) so that app developers can start creating a Europe-wide travel planning app. “A European-wide travel app will make international travel by rail more accessible and customer-friendly,” she told the Dutch lower house of… » read more

Le 26 mars dernier s’est tenue la seconde conférence sur l’électromobilité dans la ville de Berlin. Les deux autorités en charge, l’agence s’occupant du programme et le Sénat de Berlin, ont ainsi révélé leur plan d’action. Locations de voitures et vélos électriques, production d’énergies renouvelables décentralisées, développement des smart grids… Alors que de nombreuses stratégies… » read more

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