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More money

While pilots are still in labor dispute and causing significant obstructions of traffic, the public service has increased the wages for its public servants. With retrospective effect from March, 1st the salaries increase by 3 percent. It has been agreed that in the upcoming year the wages increase by 2.4 percent furthermore. In the low… » read more

In 2013 the London Subway, with 402 km the second longest subway system on earth after Shanghai, celebrated its 150th anniversary without being widely celebrated as a ground-breaking engineering event Today, mass transit systems like subways have become indispensable for urban passenger transport. Their numbers have risen continuously since 1863, from Istanbul to Paris, Berlin,… » read more

Tweet Development or no development? Yesterday I had an interesting conversation regarding Romania’s current development status, centered around it’s highway system. There has been a lot of debate regarding this system in the country in the past 10 years, and for all intents and purposes it will continue, will all the debacle regarding routes, costs,… » read more

One minute in aviation

ATAG has produced the above infographic — what happens every 60 seconds in aviation — to showcase the economic, environmental and social benefits of the aviation industry. Click on the image for a closer look, and be sure to share the infographic on your own blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Visit AviationBenefitsBeyondBorders.org for more.    … » read more

By Petr Hlobil of BankWatch The manipulation of a tender for a metro line extension in Prague – financially supported via EU funds and the European Investment Bank (EIB) has not only resulted in a huge EU funds fine, but also raises questions about the EIB’s ability to identify and avoid mismanagement in the infrastructure… » read more

The European Commission recently unveiled its new infrastructure policy, which includes nine key transport corridors connecting key European economic centres and improve east-west connections across the bloc. The Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) will connect key airports, seaports, roads and railways to increase productivity and environmental sustainability. Aviation will play a key role in TEN-T, as… » read more

At its just-completed triennial general assembly, the International Civil Aviation Organization on October 4 reached agreement on a multilateral, global plan to reduce aviation’s impact on climate change. ICAO member states agreed to develop a market-based measure that would apply to aviation by 2020. ICAO will review governments’ plans and approve them at the next… » read more

The European Parliament narrowly voted on 11 September to cap the use of first-generation biofuels with negative indirect land use change, or ILUC effects. According to the Parliament, first-generation biofuels should account for no more than 6% of the 10% target for renewable energy use in transport by 2020 under the EU Renewable Energy Directive.… » read more

Car-sharing in Dublin

Dublin city council, Ireland has licensed car-sharing company GoCar to operate 50 vehicles in 31 pay-and-display locations across the city. It is estimated that one vehicle in a car-sharing scheme could replace 15 privately owned cars driving in the city centre, lowering traffic and making public transport more efficient. A reduction in traffic will also… » read more

Despite collecting impressive evidence from 20 years of failed public-private partnerships in central and eastern Europe, an EBRD-financed study by the Economist Intelligence Unit concludes to continue using the controversial financing scheme. by Pippa Gallop, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog A few days ago I did a double-take when the EBRD sent out a press… » read more

Air transport is part of the economic and social fabric of Europe and is strictly intertwined with economic growth. As Boeing’s Commercial Market Outlook (CMO) illustrates, the aviation sector will grow in Europe over the next 20 years, with European airlines forecast to acquire 7,460 new airplanes valued at US$1.02 trillion. Growth will be slower… » read more

Hundreds of thousands Brazilian citizens have taken to the streets in recent weeks to protest against high public transport fares, publicly financed football stadiums, inadequate investments in education and health and, last not least, rampant corruption. High transport fares have been the detonator of these unprecedented demonstrations in one of the most successful emerging countries;… » read more

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