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Boeing recently released a new video showcasing its ecoDemonstrator, an American Airlines Boeing 737-800 outfitted with advanced experimental equipment to test and measure technology that can reduce aviation’s environmental impact. The video demonstrates how the ecoDemonstrator draws on natural features in constructing the wing and the variable fan nozzle. EcoDemonstrator program manager David Akiyama highlighted… » read more

The International Air Transport Association on 3 June endorsed a goal of carbon-neutral aviation industry growth after 2020 — a goal called “CNG2020″ put forward by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. The IATA resolution emphasized the role that the aviation industry has played and is playing in pursuing sustainability, and it calls for national governments… » read more

Tweet I’m going to stray a bit from my usual topics, on account that this is a subject close to me. The subject at hand being the loss Romania is going to suffer from failure to understand the geographical and geo-political situation it is in, and the opportunities this entices. 4 years ago, roughly about… » read more

The proposal to address the issue of indirect land use change (ILUC) in European biofuel policy has advanced in the European Parliament, as MEP Corinne Lepage of France released her draft report in the Environment Committee. ILUC refers to unintended consequences of making biofuels—for example, if a policy preference for corn ethanol creates incentives for… » read more

On 26 February, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee adopted the Commission’s proposal to temporarily “stop the clock” on the enforcement of its aviation ETS for international flights with respect to 2012 emissions. Last year, carbon dioxide emissions from aviation began to be included in the ETS, but the implementation has been highly controversial. EU trading… » read more

Oxfam has long been concerned that increasing production of biofuels pushes up food prices, encourages land grabs and in many cases increases rather than reduces dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. Within the GROW campaign, we are fighting to end policies promoting biofuels and threatening food security and the climate. This issue was in the spotlight in… » read more

Avoiding chemical imbalance

The aviation industry supports balanced and thoughtful regulation of chemicals—with a goal of across-the-board public safety. As the Competitiveness Council meets today, with Europe’s REACH regulations on the agenda, the industry hopes it will keep in mind that balanced approach. The EU REACH (short for review, evaluation, and authorization of chemicals) regulation came into force… » read more

Starting tomorrow, air traffic management (ATM) professionals, policy makers, and thought leaders from around the world will gather in Madrid for the first annual World ATM Congress, a new joint meeting of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) and the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA). CANSO and ATCA together combine the private companies and… » read more

The European Commission’s proposals to cut back on the biofuels section of its renewable energy policy is a wise move. In an atmosphere of undoubtedly increasing tension over global food security such policies operated without flexibility are inevitably going to be a political liability. To the politically simple-minded converting food and feed grains into motor… » read more

Un peu de prospective : Quelles son les principales tendances qui vont marquer l’évolution de la vie des entreprises dans les années qui viennent ? Thomas Frey, un futurologue américain, s’est prêté, comme d’autres à l’exercice. Le blog Smart Company a reprise quelques unes des plus saillantes de ses prédictions. Si certaines sont prévisibles, d’autres… » read more

The figures for 2011 are now compiled and show the per capita carbon dioxide is now 2.7 tons of carbon dioxide less compared to the 1993 levels. Their goal is to reduce it to 55% by 2015 and by 100% by 2030. I asked one of the responsible civil servants in Växjö administration how they… » read more

Have a look at this video of a recent reception on technology in the aviation industry with perspectives from Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell and the Association of European Airlines. data=”http://www.youtube.com/v/1kEiKDa5WHo”width=”455″height=”325″>

China has become the planet`s biggest polluter and emitter of greenhouse gases. This is the price the country has paid for the extraordinary economic rise during the last 35 years. There has never been a parallel for such a development in human history; and there will never be one in the future. But the times… » read more

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